September 26, 2017

Compared – Apple iPhone 4 vs HTC Desire HD [Specs & Features]

This year HTC blessed its users with a blossoming Android phone – HTC Desire HD which has got some super magnanimous features which are good enough to challenge Apple’s market, which has recently launched Apple iPhone 4.Both the phones HTC Desire HD and Apple iPhone 4 are giving head to head competition to each other but it seems that HTC Desire HD will win this one because of its sizzling features.

iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire HD

iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire HD

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iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire HD


Dimensions of Apple iPhone 4 are 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm with the weight of 137 grams which makes it really portable. Dimensions of HTC Desire HD are 123 x 68 x 11.8mm with the weight of 164 grams which is a bit heavier than Apple iPhone 4 but I think 27 grams hardly matters.

Winner : Apple iPhone 4


Storage capacity of Apple iPhone 4 ranges from 16 GB to 32 GB which is really good for a mobile. Storage capacity of HTC Desire HD is 1.5GB + expansion with microSD card.This thing gives an edge to HTC Desire HD.

Winner : HTC Desire HD

Operating System

Operating System of Apple iPhone 4 is iOS4. Operating System of HTC Desire HD is Android 2.2 Froyo which makes this phone an android and hence gives it an edge.

Winner : HTC Desire HD


Apple iPhone 4 gives you the camera with 5million pixels picture quality i.e. 5 Mega Pixel camera.This phone has also got some features like autofocus, LED flash,touch focus, geo-tagging etc. HTC Desire HD gives you the camera with 8 million pixel quality i.e. 8 Mega Pixel camera.Other camera features of this phone are autofocus,dual-LED flash,Geo-tagging, face detection etc.

Winner : HTC Desire HD

Video Recording

Apple iPhone 4 can record videos on 720p@30fps (frames per second ) with features like LED video light, geo-tagging and many more. HTC Desire HD can record videos on Video recording 720P@30fps (frames per second).You can also take the advantage of features like LED video light, geo-tagging and many more which were in Apple iPhone 4 also.
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Winner : Tie


Apple iPhone 4’s price in Indian market is Rs.35,000 for Locked 16GB iPhone 4 and Rs.41,000 for 16GB which is quite high. HTC Desire HD’s price in Indian market is around Rs.25,000 which is far better than that of Apple iPhone 4.

Winner : HTC Desire HD

Final Result

After coming across every feature of Apple iPhone 4 and of HTC Desire HD ,I have concluded that HTC Desire is better than Apple iPhone 4.HTC Desire HD is a moderately priced phone while Apple iPhone 4 has just broke all the graphs when it comes to price.HTC Desire HD also has features which are better than that of the Apple iPhone 4 which made me to conclude this result.

Winner (Over-All) – HTC Desire HD

So which phone you are going to purchase? Do share with us, We would love to hear from you :)

If you find any wrong or incomplete details, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire HD Comparison, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.

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  2. divas@mobilezworld says:

    Nice comparison…I think you missed out on the apps.
    Apple store is better than Android market.

  3. Great comparison, well done however I agree with some other people that have raised that you missed out apps, android has some good apps but (as an ex iPhone user) cannot really compete with the Apple Store, also you missed out practicallity ie battery life (I have a desire HD and the battery life is terrible) but anyway, still very good comparison, well done :)

  4. lolz.. 😀 bro Apple rocks.. :)

  5. Thanks bro.. :)
    I will not miss out anything which u have mentioned above.. :)

  6. I think htc desier hd is d best of all no 1 phone
    In d market ri8 now.i phone 4 is much behind coz
    I phone 4 doesnt hav display like htc hav so much
    Differenc between 2 phones nd htc is speachless I
    Love htc desier hd its complete phone 4 me.

  7. not anymore. android rockz

  8. HTC desire is surely the best mobile both in terms of value and performance.

    Nice review.

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