September 26, 2017

Top 10 HTC Themes for HTC Pulse, Wildfire, Desire HD [Download Links]

HTC was previously known High Tech Computers but later on it was abbreviated to HTC. Today HTC is serving worldwide with the annual turnover of more than $1.3 billion USD. There are more than a million themes available in the market for HTC handsets but the most difficult task is to finding the best ones out but you don’t need to worry because in this post I am going to discuss the top 10 themes for HTC phones 😉 .

HTC Touch 1 Theme

Created For – HTC Wildfire/Desire HD

HTC touch one theme is really superb. It has got professional looks with elegant style. It is the best choice if you are a professional person.HTC Touch one theme has also got good variety which never let anyone bore.This theme is really simple which makes it more easy to use and hence makes it popular.

Download Link

Angelina Jolie Theme

Created for – HTC Wildfire

Ahh! What else can make your phone prettier than the prettiest celebrity herself! Angelina Jolie Theme is magnanimous.It is specially designed for movie lovers and obviously for her fans!

Download Link

Mad Colours Theme

Handsets Supported: HTC Wildfire

The title itself defines what might be the theme about.The theme is full of colours which makes it really cute but the cuteness is not so overwhelming that it makes this theme crazy!If you are fun-loving person than this theme can help you a lot.Its features and texts are also amazing and well-arranged.

Download Link

Waterfall Theme

Created For – HTC Desire

Waterfall is a natural thing which is generally discussed for relaxation or  for thing related to relaxation and fun ,likewise ,this theme is also very soothing.You can keep staring at the waterfall but you will never figure out the boredom is setting in!Likewise madcolours theme this theme also has good quality text and features.

Download Link

Dark Knight Wall Theme

Created For – HTC Wildfire/Desire HD

The name suggests that the theme would be of royal type but contradictory to all those expectations the theme is based on batman! Batman the comic and animated super hero who has earned a lot of name in the children’s world!But if you are an animation lover or love some sort of abstract themes then this one will meet all your expectations quite easily because it is having all those stuff which a person of your sort desires to have.

Download Link

Spiral Theme

Created For – HTC Wildfire/HTC Pulse

Spiral theme is quite old but it still is favorite one of many. Spiral Theme is an amazing theme which has got too many surprises to amaze you all.The text style and the features of this theme are also good.

Download Link

JesterBlur Black Theme

Created For – HTC Wildfire

The name makes people think that this might be a super cool theme with super cool features and believe me it will definitely prove itself really dazzling.The features of this theme are super sizzling and dazzling.This theme is developed by XDA developers.

Download Link

Continuum Dark Theme

Created For – Maximum HTC phones

Continuum Dark Theme is also developed by XDA developers ,which developed JesterBlur Black Theme which is mentioned above.This theme clearly proves the phrase “less is more”!The shortcuts are too less which makes this theme fast loading and simple which is probably the reason behind its success.

Download Link

NeonDroid Theme

Created For – HTC Pulse/HTC Wildfire/HTC Desire HD

NeonDroid Theme is an amazing theme which has got a bit more green. NeonDroid Theme If your favorite colour is green then believe me this green with definitely sooth your eyes not only but even mind! NeonDroid Theme has also got features which can easily give competitions to the others in the list.

Download Link

BuuF Theme

Created For – HTC Desire HD

Yah! BuuF Theme is my favorite theme.It is really amazing.The layout of this theme is magnanimous.The way all the gadgets and the stuff are monetized on this theme adds even more and more to the beauty of the theme.It has got some sort of school looks which always reminds me “Oh! I need to do my homework” 😉 .

Download Link

Which theme is your favorite Theme? Do share your choice with us.

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