October 17, 2017

Vodafone Launches Vodafone Super Weeks with Free Social Networking Week

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Note: This News is for Vodafone India

You might have seen an advertisement of Vodafone on TV, where Vodafone is asking you to guess, what is going to be offered in the coming days, related to social week.

Vodafone Super Weeks (First Week)

So the announcement is here, Vodafone subscribers can enjoy ORKUT, FACEBOOK & TWITTER for Free for 7 days i.e. till 22 April 2011.

After a long wait of 1 week, Vodafone has official disclosed the Vodafone Super Weeks Offer. This Super Weeks offer will continue with the inclusion of new offers for the coming 6 weeks.

Vodafone Super Weeks

Vodafone Super Weeks

This is the first week of “Vodafone Super Weeks” and this week Vodafone is offering their customers to enjoy & connect with their friends over Facebook, twitter and orkut till 22nd of April 2011.

If you would like to avail and want to get benefited from this offer, follow this step

SMS ‘SUPER’ to 111

(Remove the quotes while sending the SMS)
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Terms & Conditions of Vodafone Super Weeks

  • If you are visiting other websites (other than Facebook, twitter, and orkut) than normal surfing charges will be deducted/charged from the customer’s account, charges will be asked if you are using other mobile browsers (like opera mini etc)
  • Accessing non-mobile versions of the sites will lead to add in the surfing charges
  • Accessing the social networking services through downloaded applications rather than browsing to the website will lead in the deduction of balance.
  • This offer (first week) is valid from 00:00:00 hours Saturday 16th April to 11:59:59 PM Friday 22nd April 2011.

Enjoy the Vodafone Super weeks. Do share your experience with us. :)

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  1. Hard Drive error says:

    Might come in handy to me!
    Vodafone rocks!

  2. Its bad that using Opera Mini charges 10p/10KB!!! :(

  3. ANKIT tomar says:

    hey friends, is this offer also applicable on the 2g service

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