October 22, 2017

5 Methods To Gain Respect From Your Visitors

There are tons of tips and techniques that Internet marketers use to make money online. You’ve got SEO, link building, article marketing and a whole lot more, but there’s a simple strategy that few people ever talk about. It’s both the hardest and easiest thing to do online – it’s to give value to your visitors and get their invaluable respect in return.

All too often, bloggers get caught up chasing around the “green stuff” ($) and they miss the whole point of what they’re doing. Have you ever tried your hardest to get cash out of a blog only to find that it was like trying to squeeze blood from a bone? And then noticed that your “just for fun” blog where you write about whatever you want every day, starts raking in the cash? You’ve probably noticed that when you write every day and don’t worry about monetizing it, those are the blogs that make the big money. There’s a good reason for this.

The whole point is that if your blog provides value to your readers, it will provide you cash. I decided that today I’d sit down and outline 5 easy ways you can do this. These are some simple things you can do and they’ll bring you huge returns.

1. Whenever somebody comments or asks a question on your blog, take the time to give them a good response. The more you respond to your readers, the more respect you take. It also shows them that you listen to your audience. Think of your posts as conversation starters, like the first post in a forum thread. The post just gets it rolling. This will boost your reputation considerably and that’s a key to any kind of success online.

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2. Turn your blog into a problem solver. Connect your blog to your social media sites or podcast and use them all together to solve your target market’s problems. Don’t hesitate to include links into your posts, either links  to other  posts or to other websites. What kind of problems you’re solving depends on your niche. Show them how to lose weight effectively or how to fix things around the house; what do they need help with? You should be asking yourself that. If you check out forums in your niche and really listen to your readers, it won’t be hard to find out what problems they need solved.

3. Put GOOD plugins on your site. Notice that I said “good.” You shouldn’t load your site with useless plugins because you read on a marketing forum that it adds value. Rather, look for plugins that truly give your site more value for your readers. For example, there’s a Flickr plugin that brings pictures related to your niche to your site. There are Facebook and Twitter plugins that integrate your blog directly with those sites. The whole point is to make visiting your blog a better experience for your readers. Imagine that you are your reader and ask yourself, “would I like this?”. Just be careful not to clutter it up and drop its performance.  Google now takes into account the loading speed of blogs and ranks them accordingly.

4. Give and give more. No matter how generous you think you are, you should be more generous. Be giving with everything you have – your expertise, your skills, your time. This will naturally give your readers more value and also boost your reputation. As mentioned above, give by responding to your readers. Another thing you can do is to give something away. Give them a free report or audio file as the prize for a contest.  When I first launched my Software Reviews blog I didn’t know that I should run the extra mile t stand out of the crowd; after a while I got the idea of giving out discount codes for  some of the products I was writing about, starting with Norton 360 Discount Coupon and Acronis Migrate Easy Coupons. Don’t think of it as a scheme to get more readers; just enjoy the act of giving itself and you’ll get something in return for it.

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5. Respect is key to establishing a good online reputation. You may feel like there are idiots out there asking moronic questions, but always treat everyone with respect. We’re all people and we all deserve it. Plus, your readers will notice and it will hurt your reputation. The last thing you want to do is look irresponsible It never pays to hate online! It’s just a fact that a person who is respectful gets more followers than one who looks like a jerk. After all, they don’t have to read your blog.

I hope this article gets you started really thinking about ways of getting respect. This isn’t an exhaustive list of everything but just a place to start. Come up with your own ideas but always remember – it’s all about giving value.


  1. Its true buddy. I do the same if any one post a comment on a blog. I take time to reply their comment but i never forget to reply to their comment.

  2. Steven Papas says:

    Thanks Kumar. Blogging has the meaning of sharing thoughts, information and opinions. Good to stop by.

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