October 17, 2017

Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 Gets Android 2.2 Froyo OS Update (India)

If you are using Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 then here is a good news for you, Samsung Galaxy I5801 is soon going to get update of Android i.e. Android 2.2 Update.

By default the handset comes with Android 2.1 Éclair OS, but soon you will be able to upgrade your android phone to next version of Android OS i.e. Android 2.2 Froyo.

Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801

Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801

Samsung has officially announced that, soon Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 Indian Mobile users, will get Froyo OS update.

It’s very simple to upgrade your phone to latest OS, you need to install the software named as “Samsung Kies”, you can download Samsung Kies from the official website of Samsung. Just connect your phone and choose the option to Check for firmware upgrade, and get going.

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What are the benefits of this upgrade?

  • You will be able to install Apps on MicroSD Card.
  • Integration of JIT Compiler
  • Wi-Fi Tethering support
  • Various other goodies to Samsung Galaxy 3

So go ahead and get the latest update and enjoy the whole new experience of new OS.

If you are facing any problem while upgrading, do let me know. If will be happy to help you :)

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  1. when is it launching?

  2. When is it launching exactly?

  3. Finally i’ve been Froyo’d, the update is pretty nice and fast, updating was not at all an issue (the new kies seems pretty good), all previous data remains in the fone.
    I’m damn excited…. :)

  4. Hi All,11-Apr-11 in India

    Samsung has already released Froyo update for Galaxy 3 throigh Kies almost a week back early around 10-Apr-11.

    Official Samsung India Froyo update on Galaxy 3 is awesome. It took me just 20-25 minutes through latest Kies MTNL broadband connection at 1 AM to upgrade. There was no need to restore contacts, applications or SMS,. Kies is beautiful software to upgrade. New widgets and new bundled apps are part of this major release. Please go for it. Never look back…
    all the best…

  5. Hi,
    I have installe the upgrade and see the 2.2 features working. However the Swype feature stopped working after the upgrade. Any inputs on the same?

  6. G Saravanan says:

    I’ve updated my Galaxy5801 thru’ kies update. Everything looks good, but two of the froyo features are NOT working in galaxy 5801 (2.2) update,
    1. Live wallpaper not working
    2. Adobe flash player wont work in galaxy 5801, bcoz of ArmV6 processor.

    Additionally swype keypad also NOT working.

    Will Samsung give any other patch to fix LIVE Wall paper and swype keypad?

  7. Just updated Swype is NOT working..

    Other than that things are working good, not much into live wallpaper but WIFI tethering works !!!!!

    For wifi tether just goto settings->Wireless and Network->Mobile AP…

  8. Patrick leslee says:

    Live wallpaper not working……………..?

  9. anuj gupta says:

    I am not able to update.It will struck at prepare for firmware upgrade window…..

  10. Abhisek Das says:

    Hi..just wanted to know which Kies Version is to be used.

  11. anuj gupta says:

    I am using using Kies 2.o. I think this is latest version .

  12. Thanks for this info. I was waiting for this since days.

    First I connected the phone and tried to update Kies. But got the following error:

    2011-04-26 13:22:25

    ####1’s Inner Exception####
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


    Stack Trace :
    at Kies.MainFrame.MainWindowVM.c__DisplayClass3e.b__34()

    I think there was some problem in the USB port, so the phone took long time to connect and during this time while updating Kies it threw that error. Now I disconnected the phone and updating Kies without worries.

  13. hemakumar says:

    I hav updated my galaxy 3 with android 2.2 and aftr the update battary level is not showing the right charge level and camera is closeing automatically.. And also.i.dont see.any improvement in.performance of the phone..

  14. guys plz help me,i tried to upgrade 2 froyo 3 -4 times but it shows OPERATION TIME OUT when kies downloads the firmware what to do?is that problem with internet?if so how much should b the speed of net?

  15. gaurav says:

    Hi Guys,
    Yesterday I updated 2.1 to 2.2. Things are fine. Below are few things which are not in order.

    1- GPS stop working. Previously It was working fine with ” GPS booster” application.
    2- SMS application is not sorting SMS . I have to search new message in list of thread.
    3- I didn’t try live wallpaper and swype keypad.

    For those who are facing issues during upgradition, please try to do this using different machine (laptop). I was not able to upgrade using my office laptop but It worked on my personal laptop.

  16. I have updated to 2.2 via kies.

    I am facing problebs like.
    – the network connectivity (EDGE) sometimes become disabled cannot turn on it from the settings. i have to restart some times to get it back.
    – GPS is not working properly , GPS cannot fix the location using GPS BOOSter Unless we move to top of building and held our hands high.
    – no live wallpaper option.
    – swipe is not working.

    Hope sansung will provide a fix for this as soon as possible.

  17. Hello Jose,

    Yes I came across these problems, I am also hoping that, these issues will be resolved soon. For more updates, stay tuned with us :)

  18. chandan says:

    Hello VP,
    Actually i talked with Samsung care about upgrading firmware of Samsung galaxy 3.But they clearly denied me about up-gradation to android 2.2 in India .
    They also told this is only available Outside India .So can you please help me to get upgraded my phone .

    Thanx & Regards

  19. rangell says:

    y is it saying dat my devices version cannot be updated? i hv gt-i5801. version-PDA:JG6/PHONE:JG6 . PLZ REPLY CAUSE IM UPSET DAT DA OTHER GUYS HV GOT THEIR PHONES UPDATED AND I CANT.

  20. rangell says:

    i updated my phone successfully but dissapointed wid no live wallparers. working or not working of swpe does not dissapoint me as i never ever used it.

  21. gaurav says:

    Uninstall your KIES.
    Reboot your system.
    Download latest KIES from Samsung India site ( search your smart phone and go to support tab)
    Install it ( with USB driver of your device )
    Now try. It will tell you that your firmware need to be updated.

  22. hey guyzzzzz i wnt 2 upgrade ma galaxy 3 I5801 so wich 1 is good nd sucesful 2.2 froyo coz readin al da cmmntz i hve decided nt 2 go bt i wnt to upgrade it 2.2 wil it b sucesful if i do it 4m kies ???? plzzzz help me out

  23. i had upgraded my samsung 5801 to froyo on 09.05.2011.
    i checked its operating system in these 2-3 days and found below advantages and disadvantages are:

    advantages: 1. you can install apps to sd card.
    2. you can configure more than one gmail accounts
    3. voice recognition
    4. battery backup seems to improove a lil

    disadvantages: 1. no live wallpapers
    2. swype stoped working
    3. youtube very slow, takes hrs to play a single video in normal sim (in vrevious version it was awesome, plays whole film in your tube withour buffering, same sim card)
    4. main imp disadvantage is its music player volume decreases to half and i cant afford this thing…above all i cud bear but i case of music , NO COMPROMISE. I use poweramp (best music player in market) it was superb before in 2.1 but after update its too disappoiting…while driving i cant even understand what is the exact lyrics of the song…its too low volums…sucks!



  24. maulik parekh says:

    Upgraded my galaxy 3 in service centre…
    Now as most of others :
    1) swype not working
    2) live wallpaper not supporting
    3) phone gets hang several time.

    The customer care told after almost a months delay that they can’t do anything & probably upgrading once more will solve the prob. Apparently they don’t have much idea I guess.

    So if any1 get any solution or update pls post it here soon.

  25. sucsfully updated to 2.2. ..had some issues with kies but hard. reset fixed. it

  26. for all guy s who cant update via kies…hard reset ur device …den connect to kies…same happened to me but now i am ver 2.2

  27. Arun Kumar says:


    When I connect my galaxy 3, Kies shows an error “Unable to connect to GT-I5801.Failed to retrieve device information”. Am using the latest version of Kies.
    Do I need to configure any mobile settings?

    Need assistance guys! Those who have done, pl explain

  28. Hemakumar says:

    Update Drivers – Tools – update Drivers , that should fix the issue..
    if not reinstall KIES.

  29. me also facing the same problem.

  30. the kies is showing
    ‘unable to connect gt i5801.failed to retrieve device information’
    when i am connecting my mobile?
    please help??

  31. sandipan says:

    1.Wireless Tethering
    2.Voice search
    3.Configure more than one gmail account
    4.App 2 SD
    5.GPS working better.
    6.Auto rotation feature on/off configure in the home screen itself.
    7.Task manager feature

    1.No live wallpaper (Highly disappointing)
    2.SWYPE stopped working
    3.No improved battery life.
    4.Youtube videos takes longer to buffer (Though the browser now supports youtube which previously didn’t in Eclair.)

  32. G Saravanan says:

    Lastweek, Samsung gave patch for fixing swype issue and camera firmware issue.
    Connect your mobile thru kies, get updated to solve the issues.

  33. G Saravanan says:

    April-18 froyo update released for galaxy3 (i5801). It had some issues with swype.

    Lastweek, Samsung gave patch for fixing swype issue and camera firmware issue.
    Connect your mobile thru kies, get updated to solve the issues.

  34. maulik Parekh says:

    I tried upgrading the patch, but after full download, it could not install it into phone. It keeps on waiting on 0% for around 15-20 min, after phone restarted but with the old version only.

    Any1 has idea wats wrong?

  35. Hemakumar says:

    Even i had the same Problem and i was unable to update it even aftr trying to reset the Phone , Took it to Samsung service and they updated the OS with New Patch… Works fine Now…

  36. @Hemakumar, new patch!!!, u mean d one with swype, right?

  37. new patch!!!, u mean d one with swype, right?

  38. maulik Parekh says:

    @hemant, all r working fine now? swype, speed & battery life, & live walpapers?? these were the prob in earlier update. all resolved?
    coz for me getting it to service center is too difficult, so is it worth the effort?

    or does any1 know how to resolve it from home?

  39. This is really great news and in these days Samsung has been growing very fast in cellphone sector. Thanks for sharing about this.

  40. Hemakumar says:

    i have not noticed any change in Battery Backup , no Live wallpaper , i never used Swipe, so dont know abt Swipe issues , I had an issue using Camera… which got fixed with new Update..

  41. I upgraded my galaxy 3 to froyo,.no issues eccept , when I open contacts it will not be returned with return key, I have to use home button always, if samsung releases any patch I wan to update.

  42. I have read many times that when u update the 2.1 to 2.2 in galaxy3, swype keypad stops working. what is your experience? is it working fine?

  43. No, Swype will surely stop working, but i guess its worth to sacrifice it. You can try keyboards lyk Swiftkey, its pretty nice, or u can get bak swype by rootin yr fone.

  44. Hi guys..i tried updating my galaxy 3 I5801 thru kies. bt everytime it says connection lost. even i reinstalled kies bt d same thing happens. so i updated my phone using ODIN. But i dont like the chinese things on the startup screen as well as chinese apps. So i want to upgrade to the original one. pls help!!

  45. The handset working littlle slow and gets auto. Switch off or gets restarts

  46. How do I update my phone am not able to do it as it tells ur phone is not able to support it

  47. venkatesh says:

    guys i tried to upgrade my android to froyo using kies it throws error saying that firmware upgrade stopped working.i removed the sd card and sim and again started the upgrade but got the same error pls help me!

  48. hi
    mere pass bhi samsung galaxy i5801 mobile.
    me apne cell me android 2.1 to android 2.2 me update karan chahta hu.
    kya me ye samsung service center se kara lu ya pls help me.
    me yadi upgrade karata hu to koi problem to nahi hogi..
    abhi mere cell me koi bhi problem nahi h, upgrade karane k baad koi problem to nahi hogi..
    pls help me my dear friends….

  49. Dude.. :) I prefer you to let Samsung Care Center do it because they are the pros in it .. :)

  50. thanks arjun i already went to service center they say it will take 4 days to update,well waiting for it.

  51. :) Great… Wish You Happy Androiding .,. 😀

  52. conclusion is that if ur galaxy3 with android 2.1 eclair is working good, dont even think to upgrade to 2.2.better stay with 2.1 only.

  53. If anyone needs SWYPE with 2.2 then go with the following link


    It doesn’t support live wallpapers though and you will have to make one compromise which is some 2-3 chinese apps.If you are ok with that then this is for you.
    follow each step very carefully.

  54. G Saravanan says:

    Hi guys..
    Samsung released latest kies update for i5801 in India.
    This update now supporting Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Hindi..etc.

    Its a great news for us.

    Update is: PDA: JP6 CSC:JP6

    Install the update and enjoy reading your regional languages.


  55. I upgraded to 2.2 on Galaxy 3 but the only issue I have is I am unable to receive calls…The phone vibrates ( doesn’t even ring) and the I get a mess on screen saying sorry ( It flashes and I am unable to read the full error message) …Any Idea

  56. amandeep singh says:

    I have upgraded my samsung galaxy 3 via odin and my music player hangs in between playing the music and after 2-3 seconds it vibrates and automatically stops and comes back to homescreen…..
    Same happened when previously i upgraded to 2.2 via kies

    somebody pls help me……..

  57. tried updating from 2.1 to 2.2 through samsung kies but failed after 1% says error found in the downloaded file. Do you want to try downloading again? it happens again and again

  58. it has already launched and i read that live wallpapers update(uk version) is released

  59. swype is working very well and i heard that live wallpaper update is released in uk version and sooner it will launch in india tooo…

  60. I have tried 2-3 times to upgrade galaxy 3 via kies but its taking lot of time and when it reaches to 85% it jst cancel. What to do please help

  61. how can i download

  62. Hello ALL,
    I too experiencing this similar problem like “Rangell” i.e. it saying dat my devices version cannot be updated? i hv gt-i5801. version-PDA:JG6/PHONE:JG6 . PLZ REPLY CAUSE IM UPSET DAT DA OTHER GUYS HV GOT THEIR PHONES UPDATED AND I CANT.

    Can you help ? I tried several attempts but it is loosing kies software everytime i need to re-install on win 7.

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