September 26, 2017

What Bloggers Should Know About Stumbleupon?

Almost, all Bloggers want to increase the visitors or increase the pageviews of their blog. They post articles regularly, do some SEO works, Share the articles to Social Networks and Try to spread the word by mouth about his articles and blogs. Here, I am going to mention, one of the effective social sharing platform, Stumbleupon, which is neglected by many bloggers. I will show you some pros and cons of using Stumbleupon sharing to your blog.



Stumbleupon is a website/toolbar which is used to discover the interested websites/articles/news in the web. It is a good way to grow a website community and get new readers through Stumbleupon. You have to have a quality site that matches the category you submit to. Stumbleupon user can share the page they discovered, can write reviews and can give thumbs up or thumbs down. If you write really good articles, then you will get more thumbs up!

You can insert the Stumbleupon button in any page or post. Many social sharing plugin has this feature in WordPress. You can also manually install the Stumbleupon Button. Don’t forget to stumble every article you post. Before stumbling any article or news, you must need to open an account in It’s simple and easy, you can login through your Facebook ID also. What I am going to tell is very basic and easiest way of increasing traffic through Stumbleupon.

Take my example: I started to write blogs from March 2011, since then, I posted every article to Stumbleupon (stumbled it!), without much knowledge of Stumbleupon. I am surprised! Rarely having 1 or 2 followers in Stumbleupon site, one of my article (actually, news about Motorola XOOM Tablet!) is stumbled 849 times(check the image below!), and many other articles and news also went viral though Stumbleupon. It’s incredible, I never expected that. You will also feel the same, if you actively use Stumbleupon.


But, there are disadvantages too. Some of my post was not even viewed by any stumblers than me. I will neglect those factors. As Stumbleupon is a toolbar, which is mainly used to discover more new and interesting webpages, most of the visitors will only read the interested article and leave the site. By this way, your websites bounce rate will increase. If it is ok for you, then start stumbling your posts. As per my experience, evening 8pm (Indian Time) would be better time to stumble, because Stumbleupon is used by US users in large numbers. It is the morning time to US visitors to discover “what is new on web?” This will help, if you don’t have any single follower in Stumbleupon profile. I hope you got the idea.

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  1. shashank says:

    I never used to use stumble but later when came across such blogs on stumble started using a bit! its a great source of traffic if used well !
    thanks for such a great post,
    keep rolling such blogs buddy!

  2. Thanks Shashank.. We should effectively use Stumbleupon, it works!

  3. Stumble upon is really cool way of promotion our article. some times we get huge traffic from it. specially from thesis template. i should also try the toolbar once Thanks for nice post.

  4. Hi,

    i have just started blogging a few weeks ago and this post was really interesting. Alhtough i use Stumbleupon as a user I didnt know it could be used to promote the blog as well. Thanks for the info.


  5. Its true, because i am experimenting with stumbleupon. Awesome post.

  6. Ok

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