October 17, 2017

2nd Super Week – Vodafone Super Week [Free Game Downloads in Vodafone]

Note: This “Second Super Week” is Over, Have a look at “Third Super Week“. Link to 3rd Super Week [Email Week]

Last week, we have updated you with the First Week offer of Vodafone Super Weeks, in which Vodafone has offered Free Social Networking i.e. free access to Facebook, twitter and Orkut. I am sure, you all have enjoyed the first week very well.

Its time for the second week, Vodafone Super Week’s is offering free games downloads. In this week from 24th April to 29th April 2011, you can download free games from the Vodafone portal and get a chance to win IPL Ticket. Download and play any of these free games on your mobile and stand a chance to win an IPL Ticket!

Vodafone Super Week

Vodafone Super Week

For more information,

SMS SUPER to 111 (Toll Free)

Vodafone FREE Games Offer-FAQs :

1. How do I get all these free games during the “Gaming” Super Week?

A: It’s simple! All you need to do is : SMS “SUPER” to 111 You’ll get a message with the link to the Super Weeks page – http://m.vodafone.in/superweeks/ On that page, you’ll get a link to access all the free games you want!

2. So how long will this “Gaming” Super Week last?

A: Well, this super offer begins on 23rd April (00:00 hrs) and ends on 29th April (23:59 hrs)

3. Super! So can I access any gaming site during this Gaming Super Week?
A: Unfortunately no. You can however access all the free games you want via the link that you’ll get on following the instructions given in the first question above.

4. What’ll happen if I access this link after 29th April?

A: The link won’t be active after 29th April. You’ll simply be redirected to a gaming channel which will have paid games.

5. So do I need to have 3G activated to enjoy all these games?
A: No you don’t. Our 2G and 3G consumers can both enjoy this Super offer!

6. Ok so I’m on a data pack where I get free usage. Now If I download games from the free zone, will the usage be deducted from my quota?
A: No it won’t be.

7. Ok I’m lost. How do I get to the free games link?

A: Simple. Just SMS “SUPER” to 111. On doing so, you’ll get a message with a link. Just click that link and you’ll be taken to a page that will link you to your free games!

8. Great! So how free games can I download in a day?

A: You can download up to 5 exciting free games per day from the pool of games available on the page. Have fun!

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Terms & conditions for Free Gaming Super Week :

  • Campaign is only valid for one week from 00:00:00 hours Saturday 23rd April to 11:59:59 PM Friday 29th April 2011.
  • The offer is not valid for game downloads from any external site. To access the offer, you need to access the “free game zone ” available on Vodafone live, or pull the url by sending “SUPER” to 111.
  • Offer valid for up to 5 game downloads per day during the campaign period.
  • For games in the free page zone, you will not be charged for the game or the data access required to download the game.
  • We have tried to provide games on best effort basis but all handsets may not support the games offered as a part of the free offer.

So make the SMS and enjoy the 2nd Vodafone Super Week. :)

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  1. wow great offers by vodafone in second super weeks now waiting for next super offer.:)

  2. Nice post rajan but there is no 3g release in my area

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