October 18, 2017

3rd Vodafone Super Week – Free Email Access [Email Week]

Hello Vodafone customers, we are back with the update about 3rd Vodafone Super Week. I hope you all have enjoyed the first and second Vodafone super week to the full.

Vodafone Email Super Week

Coming upto the next super week, Vodafone has named this week as “Email Super Week”, under this week; all Vodafone customers will be given free access to Yahoo Mail, Gmail on mobile till 6th May 2011.


3rd Vodafone Super Week

3rd Vodafone Super Week


This means, in this week you will be able to enjoy free email access on your mobile phone without paying even a single buck for checking your urgent emails.

How to Avail this Email Super Week?

For taking benefit of this super week, just make the following sms,

SMS SUPER to 111 (Toll Free)

Terms & Conditions of Email Super Week

You will be charged, if any case defined under is applicable

  • Clicking through from the free site to other websites/applications
  • Sites fetching ads/sponsored urls from other sources/websites
  • Browsing through certain mobile browsers (Opera mini etc)
  • Accessing non-mobile versions of the sites or accessing the content through downloaded email applications rather than browsing to the websites
  • Accessing a newsletters/direct mailers received in the mail where the images are downloaded from the external site.

So what are you waiting for, get go and check your urgent emails for free with Vodafone Super Week, Email Super Week.

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  1. Wow ! Cool man, one complete week is really awesome 😀 i love to use if for free. Thanks for sharing mate.

  2. I loved to see it’s ad. Vodafone is working hard to get a large market share and this can really help them achieve their target.

  3. Interesting offer by vodafone for mail lovers.nice post thanks for sharing

  4. Mandar says:

    I tried this sent SUPER to 111 then I received SMS , in that was given the Link to access Gmail. But I found that my prepaid balance getting cut. Even without entering login & Password. They have written that links inside mail will be chargable. Thats fine , but even accessing first page of mail headers is being charged. Minimum 70Ps going on each attempt.
    So is it really free? I doubt.

  5. Hello Mandar,

    Could you please tell us, Which browser/phone you are using while accessing the Gmail ? It will help us in identifying the problem properly.


  6. Hello Rajan,
    First thanks for attending this complaint.
    I tried Vodafone’s Free email offer in two differnet phones with 2 different Vodafone cards of two different Locations ie Mumbai Card and Maharashtra- Goa Card. Both are 2G Prepaid. (as this offer is for 3G as well as 2G)
    For both I experienced the same.
    For Mumbai card I use Nokia X3-02 and Nokia’s built in Browser.
    For other card I m using Nokia’s 6085 Phone and Nokia’s own Browser.
    They had written that Using other browser like Opera may charge. So avoided using that. Also accessed within Link sent in the SMS by Vodafone.
    Still it was no more Free. Once I noticed my balance it getting reduced I did not try. I m not at all happy with Vodafone service and thinking of Porting to some other service.

    Thanks & Regards!


  7. Problem with Vodafone

    1) If one has got Vodafone Mumbai Card then On Central Railway’s side we get Mumbai Network till Vitthalvadi ie Beyond Kalyan ie a distance of around 60KM from CST while on Western Railway suburbs, roaming starts after Bhayandar. ie after 45 kms from Churchgate .Why this discrimination? Why Vodafone not extending their Mumbai Network till at least Virar? which is the Last Suburban stn on WR line. A large number of Vodafone customers stay beyond Bhayandar and come daily for office to Mumbai. They had to pay Rs 1.5 for SMS while at home even they have taken 350 SMS card.
    2) Almost all other GSM Service Providers (Airtel, Docomo, MTNL/BSNL) retain their Bonus card services beyond Bhayandar. for Mumbai Card of Airtel, if SMS bonus card is taken , you can send SMS from it in Mumbai as well as from Vasai ,Virar . Same about Internet Recharge. But it is not same about Vodafone. If SMS Bonus card of Rs 35 taken then beyond Bhayandar this card is not applicable and for every SMS Rs 1.5 gets cut from Balance becos Roaming starts.
    For DOCOMO their is no Roaming Concept while for Airtel it is, but still they give Bonus Card service even After Bhaynadar. Can Vodafone look into this matter? This is main reason why many would like to switch over from Vodafone to other service. So it would be nice if Vodafone extends their Mumbai Network till Virar or give Bonus card services till Virar.


    – Mandar

  8. As the Mobile Operator is giving the Mumbai Telecom sevice beyond Kalyan at Rural area,then why they are charging Roaming at City of Naigaon to Virar which is 4km frm bhyandar stn…..it is really distrubing the Customer

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