October 18, 2017

Bang Bang Racing THD for Tegra 2 Android Devices [Available Now]

Android Market is full of Applications and utilities, besides the applications gaming companies are also concentrating on the Android Market. With this, Playbox has brought Bang Bang Racing THD for Android OS Devices. This game is specially designed for Tegra 2 Processor devices like LG Optimus 2X, Samsung Galaxy S II and many others.

Bang Bang Racing THD

Bang Bang Racing THD

Bang Bang Racing THD is already available for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, and now it is going to rock the Android Devices with HD Experience.

Bang Bang Racing is a Racing game with Beautiful Tracks and Vehicles. As the games is available for Tegra 2 Devices, so it can be guessed that game is going to consume huge processing power which can only be handled by these devices.

As an introductory offer the game is priced at $7.99, with increase in popularity there are chances of hike in the prices, because this isn’t a cheap price game on the market.

Brief features of the Bang Bang Racing THD

  • 8 stunning tracks from best worldwide locations.
  • 4 Racing classes including, Muscle based “N-Dura”, “Evo GT”, ALPS based “Protech”, and Apex.
  • Total 20 cars to choose from, can be varied in color and skins.
  • Single race, time trial, championship and reverse track modes available.
  • New IP, which gives you an exclusive home console experience.
  • Un-Lockable achievements and leaderboards.

If you are thinking of thrilling your phone with this game, check out Bang Bang Racing at Android Market. Do share your gaming experience with us. :)

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  1. BlogWithin says:

    Screenshot looks good bro. It looks like the old “hot wheels” game


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