May 25, 2017

[Update] Android OS Security Flaw – Shares All your Information Openly [Report]

Are you an Android lover? If yes, I think your love with Android will get decreased after hearing this shocking news. German university revealed Android devices running on Android OS except 2.3.4 can share all your data with hackers. Earlier versions of Android 2.3.4 are exposed to this flaw. currently there are 99.7% handsets are still running with old versions.

It has been proved that it is easy to gain access to Google products Android phones, even if you don’t know a word about hacking, said Researches at University of Ulm.

Android Security

Android Security

It has been discovered by researchers that “The adversary can gain full access to the calendar, contacts information, or private web albums of the user”. This indicates that all your confidential information is open for misuse.

Researches proposed the Android devices can be essentially hacked by recording the authentication token when you access any of the Google services. The flaw is that tokens are sent via Wi-Fi networks unencrypted and gives the open gate to hackers and intruders.

‘ClientLogin is meant to be used for authentication by installed applications and Android apps. Basically, to use ClientLogin, an application needs to request an authentication token (authToken) from the Google service by passing an account name and password via a https connection,’ University of Ulm researchers Bastian Könings, Jens Nickels, and Florian Schaub explain.

Google has not said something on this topic and we are waiting for the Google’s response. We don’t know, for how long customer’s safety will be putted on fire. Hope for good. It would be best if you start using any security software installed on your Android Device.


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  1. Really this is a shocking news for me. I can’t believe it. Now a days, hackers doing many illegal things. So we are helpless.

  2. non believer says:

    im sorry, i dont think i should believe a guy who enjoys playing on the ps2.

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