September 24, 2017

7 iPad Weight Loss Applications [Download Links]

Apple iPad has become an inevitable device in the life of a human being these days as this also helps in keeping track of many things in day-to-day life. If you are someone who does not even have time to take care of yourself then iPad must be the device which you must buy as there are handful applications to monitor your diet and weight.

Apple iPad Weight Loss Applications

Apple iPad Weight Loss Applications

Here is the list of apps,

Pocket Yoga HD

This application has been exclusively built for iPad users. One can reap the benefits on yoga, if only practiced and implemented on a regular basis. With this app it is possible to set your iPad in front of your mat and start practicing with iPad guiding you through the process of completing the yoga session. There are 3 different practices, difficulty levels and durations which will give you a course or program. They have both the voice and visual guidance and aids in your diet and weight loss program for sorting your obesity problem.

Download: Pocket Yoga HD

1000 Exercises By Men’s Health And Women’s Health

This application has more than 100 exercises and is one of the most comprehensive fitness applications. This allows you to plan your workouts, which is versatile for both men and women, accordingly and automatically synchronizes with your other applications like iPhones and iPod touch. Videos of workouts are also available in this. You can keep track of your weight in pounds and kilograms, and monitor results graphically.

Download: 1000 Exercises by Men’s Health and Women’s Health

Step Traklite

This is an accurate and precise pedometer that you get for free, and counts each step of yours, whether you are strolling, walking or running. This does it correctly by differentiating between running and walking to design for your workouts that will include both running and walking. They measure how long you have done your workout and how moderate your workout is going to be.

Download: Step Traklite

Lose It!

With Loss it you will have a successful weight loss program which helps you to maintain a very good diet, and you will soon finding yourself building on a healthy food schedule as you keep track of all the food you eat using this application. You are going to sort your obesity problems very easily and also you will be doing a good weight loss program well within your budget. They can also plan a diet program for you to curb on your obesity issues.

Download :Lose It


The 40-30-30 iPad weight loss application is the one that is used for calculating the correct percentage of calories in your food, especially that of your carbohydrates, protein and fat. When you are dining out this comes handy, at that instances you can still be careful using this calculator by not over eating crossing your diet limits. This is one of the best apps that I would always recommend to the readers of one of my save on Diet to Go food delivery Blog as it can help in many ways. Thank you to this iPad application as this also works on iPhone.

Download: 40-30-30

Nutrition Complete

With the application Nutrition Complete, you have a complete, accurate and customizable nutrition database and this will not allow you to overeat using your coupon discount. Some times you might also get Bistro MD savings deals to have your food delivery, at those instances this app will definitely help you. This application keeps a check on the daily calories that you need to intake on a daily basis.

Download: Nutrition Complete


This is yet another iPad application that will keep you on check on not overeating, by allowing you to get the places to dine for in-season which is nearest to your GPS location, local food centre that produces fresh from the farms and also gives you recipe suggestions.

Download: Locavore

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Article by Guest Author: Praveen is a technology fan and iPad addict. He also scours the Internet for coupons and discounts on popular weight loss programs such as Bistro MD savings deals and Diet to Go Food delivery. He recently made available the Bistro MD savings deals for 2011and save on Diet to Go food delivery, two meal replacement diets.


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