October 22, 2017

How to Upgrade Your Samsung Wave(S8500) to Bada 1.2? [Tutorial]

Good news of Samsung Wave users, Samsung has released new version of Bada i.e. Bada 1.2 for Samsung Wave (S8500) users. I have upgraded my phone to new version successfully and safely. This update was awaited from long time; I was eagerly waiting for it.

Bada 1.2

Bada 1.2

What’s new in Bada 1.2?

  • Lock screen shows the direction of unlocking.
  • Swype input method is introduced.
  • Increased speed and performance.
  • Stable Version.
  • Internet Browser is made more spacious by small modifications.
  • Social Hub Interface is improved.
  • multitasking accelerated.

If you want to upgrade your Samsung Wave to latest Bada 1.2, here is a small tutorial, follow these steps

Upgrade Samsung Wave to Bada 1.2

Step I: Download the latest version of Samsung Kies from official site of Samsung Kies. The latest version of Kies is: Kies_2.0.0.11044.


You can download it from here: Samsung Kies Download Link

Step II: Open Samsung Kies and connect your Samsung Wave with PC (Wait for driver installation, if you have attached your phone for the first time with your pc)

As soon as Kies will detect your phone it will offer a prompt of new firmware update available, see the screenshot below

Firmware upgrade prompt

Firmware upgrade prompt

Click on UPDATE button

Step III: Now you will face a window of ‘Agree to the Terms and Conditions.”  You can choose the option of save and don’t save the information. This option is that, Samsung will store your information of IP and hardware specifications on their servers for 2 years. It is totally dependent on you, which you want to choose.

We would like to recommended you to choose “Allow saving

Upgrade Terms & Conditions

Upgrade Terms & Conditions


Step IV: It is strongly recommended not to disconnect your phone from PC until the upgrading process is complete. So take care of it.

Within few minutes (depends upon the speed of your internet connection). Upgrading process will move on and will complete successfully.

Upgrade in Progress

Upgrade in Progress

Note: Don’t use any options on your phone, while the upgrading process is taking place, your phone will be restarted. DON’T PANIC!

Your phone will come to working state automatically and your Samsung Wave is successfully upgraded :) to Bada 1.2

If you are facing any problem while upgrading, Do let me know, I will sort out your problem :)

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  1. Hi,

    I have downloaded according but your instructions, but after pressing start upgrade option, it ask me to save a file. and then it says failed to upgrade.

  2. Pretty easy tute…. to upgrade to bada OS v1.2

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    install new version by it saids that bada 1.0 is the newest version, no option to update

  4. yatharth arora says:

    hi ,

    i have downloaded new version of kites, then i updated firmware then suddenly its automatically my device disconnected n after removing my mobile always automatically connect & disconnect my device for e.g we do while we connect with laptop

  5. Brett Long says:

    same problem as Kaitlyn, newest version of kies, no option to update. states i have latest version even though it is ver 1.0.
    is it anything to do with my phone carrier? (i am on the network 3) will i ever get an update?

  6. My kies current version :v1.5.0.10052
    when i open kies it doesn’t show any update option
    yeah it has upgrade option on the main menu but i click that it shows
    Model Name: GT-S8500
    Current Version : S8500DDJE7/S8500ODDJE7
    This device’s version cannot be updated
    why m facing this problem

  7. Hello Rahul,

    Thanks for the query, In my experience you are using the old version of kies, I would like to suggest you to please update it to latest version, which is mentioned in the Article and download link is also provided.

    Thanks, If you still face any problem, do let me know.

  8. Hello Brett Long,

    I don’t think it is anyhow related to carrier provider, but I think in your case it is the issue of country (May be the update is not available for your country ) :(

  9. bro i have upgrated the kies through its upgrade option to the latest but still m facing the problem
    i have also tried your link it takes a lot of time to download and after download it won’t work

  10. Rahul, You need to download the fie again and do check the size of the downloaded file, is it matching with the size specified on the official kies website. when the size will match, I can assure you your setup will run surely :)

  11. Brett Long says:

    Thankyou for finding time to reply and I am in the uk, England. Is the update available here? If not how do I find out when it is?

  12. Hello Brett Long,

    The exact and the best answer of this question can only be found at Official Website/forum of Samsung. You can Google “Bada Forum”. In Bada Forum Website, you can find the thread about the release of this update in various countries.

    Thanks for the query :)

  13. rchohan says:

    i have dowlaoded the version and it goes as per ur tutorial till step 4 but then says taht it needs 13 mb space and syas to delete some system files . now how do i do that . There is no extra thing installed in the phone memory and the externalmemeory card has more than 8gb space . please help

  14. I have the same problem as rchohan (except in my case it’s 14mb) and have tried all sorts of stuff, no full reset yet. Lots of people have had this problem, but none of the solutions has worked for me. Any suggestions? It’s driving me nuts.

  15. The same problem persisted for me too,

    What I did was I cleared the cache and all the data in my “Dolphin Browser” in the phone. That worked well and I was able to upgrade my Bada OS. :) I hope it will work for you too. Try it once :)

    Thanks for your query.

  16. hi, i’ve been trying to get the latest firmware onto my wave s8500 bada 1.2 i think it is?
    and everytime i plug my phone in people say that something will pop up saying ‘a update is ready’ or something but it is never there, can you please help me out, thanks :)

  17. how do you do that pleasae explain .

  18. i connected it to kies but the update thing doesnt pop up? can someone help me please? thanks.

  19. i upgraded the bada 1.2 and why the storage is very less 390 but before it was more storage in bada 1.0?
    i dont understand the matter that why the storage is less in bada 1.2?
    could any one plzzzzz make me understand about this matter?
    i am waiting for the satisfied answer.

  20. Dear Rajan,

    I have done everything as per your tutorial. The firmware was downloaded fully and even decompressing of binary file was also done, but while installing to the phone it was alerted that “PC failed to recognise the mobile phone.” and Kies stopped functioning. I tried so many times, but the same result.

    Will you kindly help me at the earliest.


  21. Hello Tomcha,

    The problem which you are facing is quite serious, I think you need to do factory-format your phone. Hope it will solve your problem. Search for the full format code over the internet.

    Thanks for the query.

  22. i have installed kies succesfully, when im already in the firmware upgrade, the downloading doesn’t progressing,the after at least 15-30 mins,it says the operation has timed out. why is that? i am connected to the internet and im pretty sure that my connection is fast. please help..


  23. So, with a full system reset I have finally managed to install Bada 1.2 on my phone. Hurrah. Unfortunately I can no longer connect to Kies. Kies is such a load of shit. Really. I have wasted hours of my life on this crap. The next time I’m going to get an iphone.

  24. Amish Jain says:

    hii.. i have samsung Wave II (S8530) . my bada os is 1.2 … so is there any necessity to update and hoe can i update my phone a home … plzz tekk me with full guidence

  25. I am running Bada s8500dwjf3/s8500vmajf1 and it says that this is the current software, I know 1.2 is available but it says no update are available, do you know why this is? I am in Australia.


  26. my ist three steps work fine but as soon as i press start upgrade,the connection of phone to kies gets disconnected.the comp screen also does not respond.any suggestions

  27. Never upgrade your firmware yourself. I suggest to have it done in an authorized Samsung centers. I regretted doing it myself. Halfway during the firmware upgrade, Kies just stopped, saying it doesnt detect the model of my phone, and messed up my phone’s software giving it a picture of a “phone—/!\—computer.” This problem isn’t part of the warranty so I had to pay for the fix and the firmware altogether.

  28. leotangkad says:

    Thanks Rajan for the tip. Firmware upgrade in progress. Will let you know when its completed.
    @ rchohan
    open your phone’s internet browser then go to internet settings. delete cache, cookies and saved id/password. Open samsung kies and connect your phone to pc/laptop. click upgrade. Hope it works for you too.

  29. My software version is bada 1.02 and if i download the newest kies I cant download any update…
    mail me?

  30. Abhinav Chawla says:

    when i click on the upgrade button i get the following error

    firmwareUpgrade has stopped working.

    then on viewing the details this is what i get

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: gt-s8500.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 4e003762
    Problem Signature 04: FirmwareUpdateAgent.Common
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 4e003762
    Problem Signature 07: 221
    Problem Signature 08: 0
    Problem Signature 09: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 16393

    Read our privacy statement online:

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

    nd my kies version is also the latest one….plzz help!!

  31. Matthew says:

    Hi there, I recently got a Samsung Wave s8500 and I downloaded Kies as said. The problem is that it is telling me that ”This version of the device cannot be updated” .. I mean whats thats supposed to mean?? I’m from Europe it cannot be it s not available and how many versions of Samsung WAve s8500 are there anyway? .. thanks for you help


  32. upgrade shows the runtime error

  33. how can i revert back to my bada 1.0 after upgrading to latest firmware?ie ineed my DDJK2 BACK

  34. Hi,
    ive just upgraded my firmware and it did until half way installing the new firmware and it came out message saying it didnt recognise my phone..so i did what the instruction said but then i’ve got the logo saying connect my phone to computer and kies wouldnt recognise my phone anymore..so im stuck here..hlp..

  35. syafiq says:
    August 2, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    ive just upgraded my firmware and it did until half way installing the new firmware and it came out message saying it didnt recognise my phone..so i did what the instruction said but then i’ve got the logo saying connect my phone to computer and kies wouldnt recognise my phone anymore..so im stuck here..hlp..

    same problem!!!


  36. I have the new version of kies installed and for 3 weeks now I’ve tried to download the firmware update but it does not work… It downloads for a while and it takes forever then it says error occured while upgrading firmware it’s so FRUSTRATING!!!!! It even went to 100% the one day and it just said error occured

  37. Mitchell says:

    hey i live in australia and i can not get it y is this happening

  38. Mitchell says:

    I live in australia and i can not get it plz help. is it becuse it has not came out yet here and y would it do that not just come out everywhere at once

  39. yes thats what i have to

  40. Hi, this is Akash,
    I have One problem, When i update my samsung wavw, it starts update as you say..
    But, when i click start Update button it starts update, But, Prepare for firmware upgrade takes so longer time , and my device is not update.
    Whats the reason For taking the so much time?

  41. ivo mladzhov says:

    Hi, ive just upgrade my Samsung Wave to the latest firmware upgrade(s8500xxkf3/s8500oxfka1(gbl)) true Kies and a problem with internet connections appears.Preveous in settings=>connectivity=>mobile ap I could choose my provider,now that menu is missing.Also I noticed some bug with Wi-Fi. Please tell me how can I solve that problem,I mean can I return to the previous version.

  42. upgrade

  43. hiii there…, when I connect kies, it shows the version of the device cannot be updated
    help me….

  44. Thanks mate for your help… it really worked… though in starting i got failure notification twice while upgrading firmware.. but i didnt gave hup :) and again connected to Upgrade the FW.. finally i have successfully moved from Bada 1.0.2 to Bada 1.2.. changes are yet to be recognized in terms of speed and performace .. but to agree i can see
    1-Lock screen shows the direction of unlocking.
    2-Swype input method is introduced.

    quite happy with the changes… though final verdict will be posted after UAT sign-off 😀 he he

  45. Just to add , my new Bada FW is Bada 1.2- DDKF1 is that latest version in Indian market..
    Hope the version i have is reliable and most importantly stable ..

  46. This ugrade still misses the basic funcationality i.e. call record function…i really need that..

    this is really sad bada….

    Offtopic- Is there any means i can get the this bug sorted. i mean i want call recording function to be enabled. how i may achieve it…

  47. @Himanshu,
    Could you lay out the steps you followed to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.2.

  48. I just accidently disconnected the connection between my samsung wave gts8500 and computer while while upgrading my firmwire with samsung kies. Now i cant even switch on my cell neither it is detected by the pc. Please do help,send me the relevent information to my mail. thanking you..!

  49. i was upgrading the firmware and in between i got a call and the whole thing got cancelled. the next time i tried it says “additional 13mb required. delete unnecessary system files”. i deleted all the downloaded apps. it still displays the same msg. please help!!

  50. sir I live in pakistan and i have wave s 8500. i have an upgraded version of kies but whenever i try to update the firmware it ends up with stating systen reqires 14 mb space delete some system files. i have attempted many times and have formated the memory card but it does not work at all. i have deleted files from the phone also. please guide me
    i ll be thankful to you

  51. hi, i have a samsung S8500, I followed the instruction that you posed in this forum, i use kies to upgrade my firmware but during the processes there is an error, now my mobile i can no longer use plz help me what to do in order to use again my mobile.

  52. Hello,

    Can you please tell us, What issue/error are you getting on your phone screen right now!

    We will try our best to sort out the issue.

    Sorry for the late reply. Looking forward for your reply.

    Thanks for leaving the comment.

  53. Hi Rajan,

    I got my Samsung Wave II a few days back. Its an awesome phone.
    It has Bada 1.2 .
    Now I want to add privacy settings to messages.
    I went to Settings >> Security>>Privacy , it asked me the phone password which I entered and set the privacy security for messages. Now the problem is , The first time i try to open my messages it asks for my password and then opens. But every time after that it opens just like that,without any password confirmation.

    What i have to do additionally so that every time I open messages it asks me for the password??

  54. I am in England, UK, EU
    I have Samsung Wave GT S-8500
    I re-downloaded the latest edition of Kies from Samsung official website toda with the intention of updating my software, if not to Bada 1.2 then at least to a later version of the mobile device.
    I dropped my phone and my replacement was sent and was slightly different, only minor changes, but frustrating ones. I cannot get mobile internet anymore despite the fact I pay o2 an EXTRA £6 per month on top of my contract; so it is all pretty expensive. o2 say it is a device fault, and not their problem.
    I get an error in the Update box on Kies “This version of the device cannot be updated. Current firmware version : S8500XXJH3/S8500XEUJH1 (O2U)
    I think I should be able to update because on my previous phone there was no additional option, but with this one under Settings, the final option is “Update Firmware” so I assumed this was a less-updated version of my previous phone.
    This is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever encountered and I’m seriously quite annoyed with it. Samsung are the worst customer care based company there is, they don’t give a damn about any of us who already paid for the phone! If you know of any site/people who can help me with my problem about not being able to reach the internet at all (on Generation network, Second Generation Network, Third Gen Network, 3G+ or even Wi-Fi. Nothing at all.) I would be most grateful. I seriously need help. Thanks very much.

  55. seems the last 3 letters on the firmware refer to your service provider ie TMU is t mobile, 02U is 02 etc so this brings me to another thought about the firmware upgrade from 1.0 to 1.2 my guess is as ive upgraded my unlocked wave but cant upgrade my t mobile locked wave then maybe you can only upgrade a unlocked wave ??

  56. Hey,
    I followed your instructions and upgraded my phone to bada 1.2 on my Samsung Wave.
    When I got a message on my PC to restart my phone. I did that, but my phone is totally dead now. there is only a picture showing a mobile linked to a PC, with a link problem in between.
    What do you think I should do?

  57. Hi,

    Even i got the same problem as mentioned by Anemos. It just showing one MOBILE —x— PC link kind of icon whenever i switch on the mobile. Nothing else.

    When i tried to connect using Datacable in Laptop, this time its showing one GREY color BATTERY icon in the middle of the screen and no more booting.

    Does anyone have answer to this issue?
    I went to Samsung Service center and they are saying that the motherboard might be gone. but its very hard to beleive as i did proper update using Kies.

    Please reply with some suggestions.


  58. I’ve just successfully upgraded my S8500 from 1.0 to 1.2. No problem encountered. Just follow the steps. Thanks a lot…….

  59. I have got the same problem like Abhinav Chawla said on July 30 2011………pls gove me a solution

  60. same problem friend

  61. maxgandorf says:

    No matter what I do, I always get 13 mo needed to upgrade the S8500!!!
    I’m trying this with lates kies! on vista os computer

  62. I can’t upgrade my Samsung Bada. I’ve received the message less of system files 14mb remove systeem files. This is a load of crap.

    I’ve contacted the Samsung helpdesk in the Netherlands. Really they don’t want to help me. “It’s a mistake in your computer bla bla” They never hearred about this problem? I’ve told them to look at the internet but they would’t do that. My Samsung is working perfect with 1.0 Bada. But every time I make contact with Kies it tels my that there is a new upgrade for my phone. Trying to install produce the sames messages.

    I think there’s is something else going on. Why is there not a working upgrade? Read all this messages above. Wake up Samsung!

  63. Hello Rajan,

    Do u have any information about release of BADA 2.0?
    i have a S8530, wanted to upgrade with that..!

  64. Hi,

    I recently upgraded bada OS for my phone Wave GT-S8500. It failed but it ran an emergency recovery porcess successfully. After that my phone is restarting every time automatically. I am not able to do anything. Please help me as soon as possible.

    Thanks & regards,

  65. Hi
    When I try to update bada to 1.2 version, I get this message:

    “GT-S5800 doesn’t support the firmware upgrade”
    “Current firmware: S5800DTJE3/S5800TDCJE3″

    What can I do to upgrade to bada 1.2?


  66. It says “This version of the device cannot be updated”

  67. I have samsung wave 8500.(OS 1.0)Ii dowload 2.0 version to my PC,when i connect mobile with PC,it says.this is the latest firmware.what should I do?pleaseeeeeee help me….

  68. even I am getting similar kind of message all the time…”Additional 13 MB system file space needed for the upgrade. Delete unnecessary system files”.

    Dont knw what is the problem…I have almost emptied the Internal memory of phone and then have few GB space in my C drive also…using XP in my computer…any suggestions ???

  69. thanks a bunch dude! works perfectly fine with me! cheers!

  70. internet setings->clear cash, delete cookies, delete saved ID, delete database.
    Try it, it’s worked for me…

  71. Actually bada 1.2 is larger in size than bada 1.1 that so…… :-)

  72. i took a while but i upgraded my os succesfully.. thanx!

  73. you are most welcome.. :)

  74. Hai, I have started installing bada os on my samsung GT-S8500 using multi-loader V5.64 after boot file .mbn instaled restart to phone to blue screen & unfortunately usb data cable disconnected then i can not start or switch to download mode, So please help me asap +919842396475 fida1921@gmail.com

  75. HI. I have a samsung wave S8500. Now everytime i try to upgrade my firmware there is a just a message that says “your device does not support software upgrading via kies”. My current firmware version is S8500ACJF1/S8500VODJF2. Can anybody please tell me what the problem is and how i can fix it. Many thanks.

  76. Anil Chanda says:


    I am in same situation as you. same link icon and same battery icon and it refuse to boot. Its hard to digest that Kies upgrade will fail motherboard and they are quoting 6000/- for motherboard replacement , It sounds fishy. its wave I and not out of warrenty.

    can you please tell me what you did to resolve the problem.

  77. sree vinodh says:

    head ache of this samsung people

  78. Anil Chanda says:

    I purchased S8500 (Amoled screen) in Jun 2010 and use it to my best. Currently while connecting with laptop Kies suggested me to upgrade the firmware and I did. It said it will reboot phone but it never did and then I was not able to boot it at all.

    Mobile –> computer Icon kept appearing , It was showing battery Icon though. I thought Samsung support will help me but after keeping phone 3 days manager calls and gave me estimate of 6K to replace motherboard. Seems they tried to their best and gave up or not sure why they needed motherboard of my phone. So I took mobile from them to try at another store.

    I came across blog and followed steps. Multi Loader and download mode steps I got from

    Thrice I tried it kept failing ( Write failure) in between due to I guess Battery was low. Charged battery separately on Electric plug and retried.

    Finally completed successfully.

  79. I cannot upgrade it too, but it doesn’t show any error/problem. It automatically go back to normal page of kies. That’s mean I cannot realize the reason that it’s not work.
    So, I’ll change my phone after new year and I won’t use samsung device anymore.

  80. Hi Anil,

    I’m facing the same problem with my phone, it keeps displaying the Mobile->Computer icon.
    Kies does not detect the phone when it is set in Download Mode. I am using the latest version of Kies.
    Are you able to connect to Kies successfully after doing the firmware download using MultiLoder? And did you follow all the steps in the blog since some of seems to be for Europe specific files.

  81. Anil Chanda says:


    I feel to throw that kies software, I was able to restore my phone back to its original state using multiloader link I put in my update. my data and applications were intact. samsung support quoted me 7K INR for the motherboard which was not necessary to replace.

    I fixed the phone myself using those softwares. I used files uploaded in original blog and multiloader from the different place.

    let me know if you need any files , I should have them somewhere on my system.


  82. Kelly marsh says:

    Hi there, I have upgraded the firmware on my other half’s s8500 and downloaded the latest version of kies but it says that this is the current version and the firmware it upgraded to was version 1.0 how do I go about getting version 1.2 when it thinks that this is the latest version?? Look forward to your reply! Many thanks.

  83. I have upgraded the firmware on my wave s8500 and downloaded the latest version of kies but it says that this is the current version and the firmware it upgraded to was version 1.0 how do I go about getting version 1.2 ?
    thank you very much

  84. is it possible to upgrade firmware using phones internet without using pc

  85. i cannot open my samsung wave s8500 after having errors in downloading a firmware from kies.. :'(((

  86. I was wondering if the update that I downloaded as you specified will work on my mac or is there another download that I need to conduct? Pease let me know ASAP. Download is in process.

  87. jitesh fariya says:

    hey Rajan should i remove my sim-Card during upgrading process???

  88. Fo additional 13 MB error11
    Reset ur phone to the factory settings ussing the reset code (*2767*3855#), and then try to update it will work perfectly….
    I had the same issue, it worked for me!!:)

  89. i have a wave5253 and kies downloads an update for the phone.the windows7 shows an error msg sayin the update application has stopped working.but kies shows preparing to update and stays like that for hours…i am still stuck with bada 1.1!!pl help!

  90. Guys, I’m just about to update my Samsung wave but I just want to know that the percentage of success are for the download.
    Thank you

  91. hi
    I faced an error during update process that said “additional system file need 14 mb space please delete unnecessary system file”. I have 320 mb free space in my phone memory and 3 gb in my card !

    what does it mean ?!!!

  92. My Kies tell’s me that the latest version ( is instaled but my bada is still 1.0.2… so what’s the problem? Is it ’cause I connected phone via bluetooth? please help!! :)))

  93. Trying to upgrade my firmware on my Samsung Wave (8500) anyways so i connect it to my Kies (latest version) and i can do anything to my phone, but update my firmware which it say “my device does not support firmware updates via Kies” so how do i updated my firmware if the only way to update it is via Kies?

  94. fabio soares says:

    I only recently got this phone and I downloaded kies as my previous phone was also a Samsung but it doesn’t read my device when I connect it to the laptop my phone is 2nd handed so I haven’t got the installation disk anythin I can do update my baga os

  95. I am getting the same message as canfield (2 posts above) “device does not support firmware updates via Kies”

  96. i always got this message “additional system file need 14 mb space please delete unnecessary system file”. how will i delete those default ringtones and alert tones in my mobile? tell me how to do it..coz i already formatted my phone and card memory just to have enough space but its not yet enough…

  97. drei duarte says:

    Good day!

    I’ve just upgraded my Skies on my PC and it says that a new firmware for my Samsung GT 8500 is available. I clicked upgrade and the exact tutorial you have here is shown except that on that last stage the upgrade was not successful because of an error that says “disk’s memory is insufficient.(as least 3000mb needed)”. is it really possible? I mean needing 3000mb to upgrade. My phone’s free memory is 300Mb and my external memory is 4Gb available. I don’t what to do to have my phone’s firmware upgraded successfully. Been wanting to upgrade my phone already. Thanks! :-)

  98. i m nt getting any updates

  99. when i plug in my device to samsung kies there is no update available. what do i do to get this update

  100. Will this work with windows 7 64 bit, because i read somewhere if you use windows 7 64 bit it buggers up your phone

  101. I updated my phone.. but when selected “Device” like first picture gave by you… Appear Nothing.. all is black; Not appear: Model number ; Software Version; Bluetooth and Wi-fi … What can I do… Sory if you don’t understantig what i’m writing.. but i’m romain… I know little engish :(

  102. Another question… Bada 1.2 … is the latest version run on Samsung Wave s8500?

  103. hi.. i have wave II GT-S8530 bada 1.2 , i had installed one game from kies now i want to delete it but how ? can

  104. syafiq says:
    August 2, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    ive just upgraded my firmware and it did until half way installing the new firmware and it came out message saying it didnt recognise my phone..so i did what the instruction said but then i’ve got the logo saying connect my phone to computer and kies wouldnt recognise my phone anymore..so im stuck here..hlp..

    same problem!!!


  105. it is possible to upgrade 8500 phone on bada 2.0
    or not?
    if yes then plz mail me how to upgrade

    my email add is onlysandu@yahoo.co.in

  106. 80% of the problems are related to automatic upgrades of kies.For successful firmware upgrade,one need to re-install kies with what available in Samsung sites.Also ensure that you put a SIM in mobile phone and internet connection is active in the system which runs kies application.

  107. I’m having a problem with Kies as well. I have a MacBook, and only recently found a version of Kies for macintosh format. I set it up and plugged in my wave (S8500). It then told me firmware updating is not supported!!?? I’ve been waiting since August 2010 to update the firmware! What do I do? My phone is very old and none of the apps will update. I really want to be able to use all the great new features of bada 1.2 (i still only have the original 1.0)

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :)

  108. hi
    im using samsung galaxy s gt i9903 super lcd ,after the last stepwhich u showed, downloading all compontents it is saying nt 2 disconnect the phone frm the computer but nothing changed it was saying like preparing firmware components .. after tat i was sing the mobile it was nt restarting…. i hav net speed of 1 mbs and phne was updating frm morning till evening but nothing happend still the same firmware.. nw phone is dead slow…

  109. I switched to samsung products after my partner’s work phone survived the washing machine AND dryer!!! So now we have several samsung appliances and the obvious new choice for when i bought my new phone was samsung. However after 14 months my samsung wave s8500 has given me nothing but grief! Kies ( I DEFINATELY have the latest version) has recently (last 5 days) recognised my phone, whereas for the last 14 months, “no device is connected”. Finally, I’m able to update my firmware to bada 1.2 but alas, “no updates available”. How is this so when I’m still on bada 1.0 and CLEARLY others have been successful in their attempts to update?!? And after reading many people’s comments regarding the new OS, is it REALLY that beneficial if I have it? It seems to be a bit hit or miss with every individual- they either love it or it’s crashed their phone or want to “down”grade again. What do you (or anyone else for that matter) who have been “successful” in installing bada 1.2 REALLY think about its usefulness/practicality? Oh, and I’m in Australia. Much appreciated peeps!!

  110. Hello Storm,

    Thank you for making a comment.

    I agree with you, Samsung is playing game with Bada OS updates. However, Most of the users are not getting Bada 2.0 update. Even my own Samsung Wave is showing “No Updates Available.

    I don’t know what the hell is going on.


  111. Hello shebin,

    I think your kies connection with the Samsung servers got disconnected.

    Please try once again. You will surely get your phone updated. :)

  112. Hello James,

    I think I cannot help you in this context. As I don’t know why most of the users are not getting upgrade prompt. This problem can only be solved by the Samsung Officials.

    I hope you can understand.


  113. i tried to update the firmware by following the above mentioned steps but at the final step i got a dialogue box, reporting an error and my firmware could not be updated>>>:(
    pls help…

  114. I tried to upgrade to 1.2 from 1, but once it finished downloading the updates, a dialog box with message “additional 13MB system file space needed for upgrade. Delete unnecessary system files” while my mobile got 400MB free space and no running application. I am stuck here, kindly let me know where i am going wrong and solution for the same. Thank you in advance.

  115. samsung ist wirklich der letzte dreck ihr scheiß kies funkt wie es will und update auf 1.2 von 1.0 geht nicht sagt immer 14 mb systemspeicher fehlt .schlußfolgerung spart euch 1000 von stunden mit samsung kies kauft iphone und co. samsung ist wirklich katastrophal schade gute hardware software totaler schrott steige auf jedenfall auf android oder appl um

  116. I tried to update my phone , but when i connected the same with samsung kies . after following the above mentioned process .
    suddenly it shows that unable to update with kies .

    Please help me to resolve this issue .

  117. i’m trying from december 2010 to make this update .The phone is from Spain (vodafone ) i am from Romania . Still no update to do 😐

  118. When i begin the installing on the hardware it just says i need 13 mb more space to install this hardware, bu no matter how much i delete in the phone it wont install ?

  119. can i update samsung wave 525 gt-s5253 from this?? :)

  120. plzz give me d reply fast :(

  121. Hi I bought this phone and have had massive problems with it. I got it unlocked from orange but then the internet would only work in browser not for apps such as twitter. So i updated from 1.0 following these steps, however in system info it still says its 1.0 not 1.2? and when I connect to PC again, PC now says its fully upgraded? Now i tried to see if I could use apps/ and I cant even use 3g anymore, not even on browser like I could before? PLEASE HELP?

  122. hi, i’ve still been trying to get the latest firmware onto my wave s8500, bada 1.2
    and everytime i plug my phone in people say that something will pop up saying ‘a update is ready’ or something but it is never there, can you PLEASE HELP ME OUT! ive already posted but you haven’t replied, i need to sort this out! thanks :)

  123. Hi,i am from india.My wave CFV:S8500DDJF2/S8500ODDJF2(INU)
    LFV :S8500DDKH1/S8500ODDKF1(INU)when i trying to ubgrade its not happening.The error is Required system space 13MB,but i have enough space in my system.pls help me.

  124. arunkumar says:

    Bledy Kies…..Its updating since last two hours and still going on… What the F..k it is, shame on Samsung…better to opt Iphone rather the stuppid samsung……Its a wastage of money as well time and energy in updating firmware…..shame on u samsung….

  125. after updating will my phone content get lost because of this m not updating my phone

  126. MUDASSIR says:

    GT-S500 does not support initializing while updating to bada 2.0 via kies help me out plzzz

  127. today i just upgrade the firmware ,& my phone start with Bada 2.01XXX .., is it possible to going back to the first bada 1.0 ? camera is little bit blurry & music player is very simple(no equalizer)

  128. nauman nawaz says:

    my phone is gt-5260..when i update the phone tells me that additional 5mb is required..but i cant make any more memory on the phone as i formatted everything from my phone memory..yet the new upgrade requires an additional 5mb..how do i get that?

  129. hi …..i am using wave 2 gt-s8530….i want to upgrade firmware of my phone ….and i going through your advice……but after 2 steps it seems unsufficient disk space required 3000 mb …i do not understand plz help me out

  130. i am facing a problem that it says that i need to free some memory but i already have about 237 Mb phone memory and 300smthin on my SD card,even if i clear the memory again still it doesnt work

  131. Hi

    I’ve download Kies from the Samsung website and have updated the firmware successfully but the system info screen on my phone is blank so I cannot verify what version is installed on my Samsung Wave GT-S8500. Any ideas?

  132. I m just installed Kies software,it shows a new firmware available bt if i start update firmware option kies window close automatically & restarted by begining……………….what i do ?
    suddgest me

  133. mine …shows the whole dwnloading proses,”till when about 5 mins remaining to complete the prosese it closes..hpe can find a way???

  134. hi^^
    i have a problem.. everytime i connects my phone through kies, its automatic like u said, and then, after that it said unknown error..what should i do?

  135. Hi there , i followed ur steps successfully till the phone restarted . After the phone restarted , the version is still 1.1 , why ? Reply to my email , thanks ^^

  136. firmware up gradation does not complete
    after a while message comes PC failed to recognize the mobile phone and ask me to remove battery and re insert and start process again
    which comes to same result
    how can i up grade firmware

  137. Hi everyone!

    Can some help me with my problem in upgrading my firmware, when on the stage that Kies is preparing to upgrade firmware and when it reaches 29% it says that upgrading failed, unknown error.
    Can someone help me please?

  138. mojtaba says:

    I want bada 2 …

  139. when I try to update my phone to 2.0, it downloaded the firm ware then it restarted my phone and had a phone icon on my phone. after sometime in my computer it says failed to recognize your phone. I’ve done enough times and it gets repeated again :-(

  140. Sandeep says:

    I am trying to update smy Wave 2 GT-S8530 from Bada 1.2 to 2 by using Kies latest version. The upgrade fieware got down loaded and while installation the firmware upgrade window appers and no process is being observer. After 5 5 to 8 min I get an error ” PC failed to detect the phone and give the list of instructions. Even after following the instructions I am facing the same issue. I am using Windows 7 and Kaspersky Anti Virus. Can you please help me in upgrading.

    Sandeep KN

  141. Hi,
    I upated my Samsung Wave GT S8500 to the latest bada 2.0 by using the Kies software. But I lost all the files and everything saved in the phone during the process. Is there any chance I can get everything back like it was before and revert back to the old bada? Please help me.

  142. Sunny Verma says:

    hi, whn i upgrade my wave 2 8530 i have lost its os . now on this screen only show wave 2 8530 not strating.
    plz help me

  143. Sunny Verma says:

    I am trying to update smy Wave 2 GT-S8530 from Bada 1.2 to 2 by using Kies latest version. The upgrade fieware got down loaded and while installation the firmware upgrade window appers and no process is being observer. After 5 5 to 8 min I get an error ” PC failed to detect the phone and give the list of instructions. Even after following the instructions I am facing the same issue.after that i have lost its os . now on this screen only show wave 2 8530 not strating.

  144. Paul Jepps says:

    Hi, I have a uk Orange net work GT-S8500 with bada 1. Kies says that I have the latest version. How do I upgrade? The other question is when I press the upgrade button it say does not support initialising!!!!

  145. Jack Pickering says:

    Hello, i have the same problem as Mr Jepps above me, i have my samsung wave on bada 1.0 but Kies thinks this is the latest version. Help?

  146. Santosh says:

    Hi I’ve Samsung Wave S 5253 How can i upgrade my Baada version

  147. erm sorry, i’ve reached ur step 2, bt when i pressed the ‘update’, it said, ‘to continue with the upgrade, disconnect all devices except the target device (GT-S8500) from the computer, then press OK button.’ I’ve no idea bout wat should i disconnect cuz i checked adi n no device’s connected. =_=

  148. Hello frnds,

    I have bada os 1.0 and trying to upgrade it to the latest firmware(s8500DDLC2).
    But when i follow the above procedure, it says u need atleast 3000mb space for installation.

    Please help

  149. How to downgrade bada 2.0 to 1.2 for samsung wave 2 s8530….
    plz give me a link to download 1.2 bada

  150. emilian says:

    hello i have a problem wen i try to download a aplication from samsung apps it and says network error (8001).
    what can i do????
    Please HELP ME!

  151. emilian says:

    it says u need atleast 3000mb space for installation, i have the same problem what can i do? please HELP ME!

  152. lasublime says:

    All this info is for pc users. I have a Mac and kies does NOT work. Everytime I connect my phone it says”device not revognized.” The phone is terrible and Samsung are crooks and dishonest. When I bought the phone a year ago there was nowhere explained that this inefficient bada os didn’t work with a Mac. I am so angry I feel like suing them for false information. Bada is useless, the worst buy in my life.

  153. I have tried to upgrade and all processes finished, but at the end of it all when the installation begun, “the pc has failed to recognize my device” what can i do? how do i do factory reset?

  154. My wave 2 os is updet

  155. Hello everybody.I too have a Samsung GT-S8500.I downloaded samsung kies and tried to upgrade my bada version.the problem is that after I installed kies ,it requested the model and an S/N code of the phone from the sticker on the phone’s battery.I tried the code and it did not work.If there is anyone who can help me with this issue ,please feel free.I want to enjoy bada 1.2 too.Much obliged.George

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