October 22, 2017

How to Install HTC Sync on Your PC for HTC Smartphones (Wildfire)?

Whenever we purchase a high-end smartphone or any costly handset, we get bunch of accessories and tools for getting the full juice out of the handset. One of the most common things which we get in the box is “CD/Disc”, but most of the time we ignore CDs offered to us for PC connectivity.

Currently in this article, I am talking about the HTC, whenever you will buy a HTC handset, you will get a CD and in that CD you will get amazing and powerful software named as “HTC Sync”. Here comes the an obvious question,

What is HTC Sync?

HTC Sync is software and its name contains the word “Sync” in it. It means “Synchronization”, HTC Sync is software which allows you to synchronize your outlook contacts, internet bookmarks, and personal data with your PC/Laptop.

HTC Sync

HTC Sync

Not only this much, HTC Sync allows you to install third-party Android apps on your Android based HTC smartphone. You can transfer music, photos, videos and other stuff from both the sides, I mean from your computer to phone and phone to computer.

What if you do not get HTC Sync with your HTC handset?

No need to panic, if you haven’t got HTC Sync with your handset, you can download it from the internet (official website of HTC). If am providing you with the link: Download HTC Sync from Here

How to install HTC Sync on your Laptop/PC?

  • Download the HTC Sync from the link provided above and after clicking on the download link, you will be asked to save the downloaded file, save it according to your requirements.
  • After the completion of the download, you will get an exe file, just open and follow the installation wizard. If you would like to make some changes into the settings of the software, just choose custom installation.

How to use HTC Sync?

It’s quite easy to install and use, after completing the above process

  • Open the HTC Sync from desktop icon/ or from start menu.
  • Connect your phone via USB cable.
  • Choose HTC Sync when you are asked to choose the type of connection you want to make with PC.
  • Wait for few seconds, until the HTC Sync install drivers for your phone.
  • Enter the name of the phone on the Device Setup Screen and Click on “Save button”
  • Now your device is ready for the synchronization and transfer process.

Note: We would like to recommend you to please shut down all the programs while you are running HTC Sync on your PC. If you are facing any problem while installing HTC Sync, do share with us. Happy to Help!


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  1. After reading your post i have a better understanding of How to Install HTC Sync on Your PC for HTC Smartphones really is.
    Your post have the information that is helpful HTC smartphones and very informative. I would like you to keep up the good work.
    You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.

    Thumbs up and Thanks.

  2. that file is taking a lot of time for downloading!!sumone pls help me!!

  3. hi
    i used to have HTC Sync but i formatted my PC and i dont have it any more, and now i want to download it again but i cant because it says: “HTC Wildfire_setup_3.0.5481.exe.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.”
    so why im seeing this please? HELP
    and thanks

  4. Hello Marlo,

    You are getting this error because, You are not able to download the complete file. It is because may be you are on slow internet or any other problem. Please try to download the file completely and then it will work flawlessly.

    Thanks for the query.

  5. I am having the same problem. I don’t have any issues with downloading any other files. Only this, admittedly I don’t have the best internet speed. It downloads at 50kb. I tried a second computer and I get the same error after about 5mb has downloaded.

    I’m guessing it’s to do with HTC servers? because like I said this only happens while downloading HTC sync. It seems a bit silly not letting users download because they don’t have super fast broadband.

  6. Hi I wonder if u cud help me. I have an HTC desire and wanted to know how I install HTC sync on my laptop for usb tethering to use my phones internet on my laptop, most manuals etc confuse me I don’t have the cd with sync nor the SD card that I read should have it? Please help me to understand its all so confusing!! Thanks Odessa

  7. Hi..
    I got one HTC radar..Windows phone as a gift from my friend..its extra ordinalrly..good.. but for syncin with PC i have downloaded Zune software also.but am not able to transfer the photos of which i have taken in phone to PC. Could you please help me?

    Thank you

  8. i have installed htc sync and did everything. but tis is the message am getting, your phone is set to block the installation of applications not obtained from android market. please notify the settings for installation . wat should i do now? should i change the settings or something else? plz help.

  9. Hey there!

    I am using HTC wildfire S and i am not able to use its SD card….
    Anything i click or download is using the internal memory of the phone…
    Even if i go to settings>applications>manage applications, i cannot transfer my downloads to the SD card as the KEY (MOVE TO SD CARD) remains INACTIVE FOR EVERYTHING….
    kindly help

  10. Hi,

    I am using HTC wildfire S and htc sync is not working properly,dat DEVICE SETUP SCREEN doesn’t appear on my monitor….plz help…..

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