October 17, 2017

Google Chrome like Browser “iChromy” for iPad [Download Link]

One of the most loving products in the market is “Apple iPad”. Recently Apple has launched iPad 2 in India; iPhone 4 came behind the iPad 2 and revolutionized the market. Currently the Apple products and their advertisements on various Media are covering the minds of consumers.

As you know iPad 2 is the product of Apple and it comes with the inbuilt browser “Safari”. Safari is the Apple’s official/inbuilt browser for every Apple product. But most of the customers are not satisfied with it, even I have Apple iPhone 3G, I do not love Safari Browser. So I tried to find out any other alternative for that, and I came across Chrome Browser.

iChromy has brought Chrome to iPad, actually its not official Google Chrome App, but the browser “iChromy” feel and work in the same as Google Chrome.

iChromy for iPad

iChromy for iPad

In this browser, the tabs are fitted on the top of the screen which offers wider space and in this browser the address performs the task of search bar, same as in chrome.

You can take a look at this video for better understanding of Chrome browser for iPad

How to get iChromy for iPad?

iChromy App is easily available on iTunes App Store, for free and it works flawlessly on iPad iOS 4.2+

Do share your experience of iChromy browser with us. We would love to hear from you. :)

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  1. cool ichromy browser… Google will try to find any loophole in legal side os iChromy to sue them..

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