October 17, 2017

10 Most Useful and Popular WordPress SEO Plugins

A word-press plug-in is basically an add-on that you can include in your blog. There are all types of plug-ins at your disposal. These plug-ins are very useful for a number of reasons; they make your blog more interactive and increase traffic to it. These word press plug-ins are useful in converting your readers into buyers, e-mail opt-ins and more loyal readers. These are not just fancy stuff that will slow your blog down. These word press plug-ins actually make your blog site many times better and more efficient.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

The ten most popular and effective word press plug-ins are:

The Facebook Share button

This button is very effective and is therefore highly recommended. This button increases the social impact of the blog. A lot of people are attracted when they see that this site is actually being viewed or shared by many others like themselves. Having the Facebook Share button at the top of the page allows the blogger to display the number of times his blog has been shared on Facebook.

Tweetmeme button

This is very much the same as the Facebook button, only it is for Twitter. It serves the same purpose of social sharing as Facebook.

The Facebook Like button

The Like button is generally included at the end of a blog post. It provides a list of those who liked the blog posts. It is often very helpful as the readers will respect you and your content more when they see positive feedbacks.


This is the best way to reward your readers who also leave behind comments.  This allows the commentators to not only leave behind the main link to their websites but also their latest blog post or articles. This allows them to advertise their blogs on yours and promotes community feeling.

All in one SEO Pack

This is a great plug-in for any real-time blogger. This is easy to use and allows you to put in all your SEO information in one go.

Google Analyticator

Using this plug-in, you can get quick updates on the traffic coming to your blog site. This gives you behind the scene information: you can actually see where the traffic is coming from, whether they are from Facebook or from the search engines or if they are direct. The direct visitors are your loyal readers; they directly type in the URL of your blog on their address bars. You also get to see the most frequented pages of your blog.

Google XML sitemaps

This is a very effective plug-in which helps you to organize and index everything neatly to make your content better and rank higher on the search engines.

You Would love to read:

WP Ezinearticles

This creates a ‘Add new post’ section in your blog page. As you write your post, click the ‘submit’ button and your post will be submitted in Ezinearticles as a submitted article within seconds.

ThatMLMBeat button

This plug-in helps you share your content on ThatMLMBeat which is a web community focusing on blogging on the internet marketing niches. This will drastically improve the traffic to your blog site.

SSG Google WordPress Audio Player

This plug-in hosts all your audio on your blog site for free. An audio player is also embedded in the blog posts.

Blogging is a constantly evolving world; thus, new plug-ins are coming in all the time. The best way to find out about new plug-ins is by being in touch with other active bloggers.

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