September 26, 2017

[Motion Frog] iPhone and Android Application Development Academy

About MotionFrog

MotionFrog is an extension of an innovative I.T. company SLKravia Techlabs Pvt. Ltd. incubated by technocrats with global exposure while working in Mobile Industry at Yahoo and Microsoft. This company specializes in introducing latest ideas, technologies and skill sets into the Indian marketplace in the field of Mobile Application Development and Platform creation for brands & Advertisers.

Motion Frog

If something found its way to the top after the iPhone and Android mobile phones began dominating the market, it is the mobile application development. Gone are the days of simple java programming for small games and apps. Today, we are speaking of a full-fledged mobile app development, where entire companies are involved solely in this department of mobile technology.

The scope for mobile application development has grown by leaps and bounds. A recent statistics puts the estimated growth of this sector at around $17 billion by the end of 2012. This shows that there is a huge scope for professional mobile application developers in this industry. But the key point to note is professional developers. Unlike the past, mobile app development has become a very serious, sophisticated and advanced programming method.

In comes MotionFrog – a premier Academy focusing on iPhone and Android app development. Recently, MotionFrog launched its own iPhone and Android development Academy which gives students hands-on, practical and personalized training to develop iPhone and Android apps. This is a marked and very important milestone because there are very few academies throughout the country which offer such specialized training solely for iPhone and Android apps.

Considering the serious scope in this industry, mobile app developers are wanted by many top companies. The trained mobile app developers are paid huge amounts as salary and the scope for development and increase is rising to unimaginable extents.

“With individual training, no sharing of systems or devices, and lots of other impressive features in the training modules presented by MotionFrog, the whole idea is to train the student to become a professional mobile app developer capable of producing high-end and very sophisticated applications for Android and iPhone platforms,” Vivek Patel, head of Business operations said.

Official Unleashing of Motionfrog is going to be done with the Seminar in “Emerging Trends in Mobile Application Development and Training” at the Heart of the Ahmedabad city GLS Auditorium on 25th June in presence of 300 students, faculties, programmers and other dignitaries. The hype has already been created among them and it is expected that Magic of Mobile Development will be over them!

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