October 18, 2017

MAXX MS502 Vista Phone – Designed for Ladies/Girls @ Rs. 4,242

Ladies, I am back again. You might be thinking, why I am greeting only ladies 😛 This is because the article is about the phone which is specially designed for ladies/Girls. Previously we have written about 2 or you can 3 phones which are totally designed for Ladies/Girls.

Previously discussed phones were:

MAXX MS502 Vista

Today we are back with the new phone from MAXX Mobiles; the name of the phone is MAXX MS502 Vista, targeted at Women. Most attractive feature of this phone is its Slider design and QWERTY keyboard. As we all know, pink color is known as Girly color, likely the phone is covered with white and pink color body.

MAXX MS502 Vista

Simultaneously concentrating on the girly design, company has specially focused on the social networking features and with reference to that they provided dedicated keys for Facebook and eBuddy applications.

What I have noticed about girls/ladies is they love to capture lots of images 😉 for that company has provided 8 GB Expandable memory support and 3.2 MP camera with long battery life.

MAXX MS502 features FM radio, Java support, and 1000 mAh battery.  The features are not finished yet, this phone is Dual SIM Phone, How amazing :) it supports both GSM + GSM SIM cards.

In connectivity features, it is leashed with Bluetooth, MySync and USB support.

Price and Availability of MAXX MS502 Vista in India

This ladies based phone will be available in three colors i.e. Pink, blue and orange. The price of this phone is Rs. 4,242 and will be released in Mumbai first and will spread further afterwards.

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