October 18, 2017

5 Best & Free News & Weather Reporting Apps for Windows Phone 7

Huge number of applications is available for every mobile OS whether it is iOS, Android or Windows Phone OS. Applications can be called as the enhancers, because it plays a major role in increasing the functionality of the smartphone.

Technology has reached at such an extent that, weather reports and news are just a click away from us. In this article I am going to list 5 best News and Weather reporting Apps for Windows Phone 7.

1. Alien News Free

Alien News App

This is an amazing app for browsing news, video games, cooking tips and much more. This app is an unofficial licensed client for Reddit.

2. RAD Now

RAD Now App

Looking for weather reports, it’s just a click away. This apps offers weather reports without any disturbance of ads or confusing interface. Just download the app and get updates on your tips.

3. USA Today

USA Today App

This app covers almost every section like latest sports updates, weather reports and photos you are expecting from USA Today are available on your Windows Phone.

4. Got News

Got News App

This is one of the best News/Feed Reader apps available for Windows Phone 7, this app is highly customizable and you can instantly subscribe to multiple feeds and start reading the latest updates from them. Not only you can import feeds from your Google Reader account and share the stories on Facebook, Twitter etc.

5. News360

News360 App

News 360 is a news aggregation app; it extracts the best news out of thousands of news sources. It represents the news in the same manner as the Google news. You can access the news in the form of categories and get huge library of related articles on that particular news. You can swipe images of the same topic without even reloading the page.

Which app do you prefer to you use on your Windows phone?

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