October 17, 2017

Expected Specifications of iPhone 5 – Powerful OS, Processor & Specs

iPhone 5 is catching tons of eyeballs but no one actually knows what specifications it’s going to have. But, still there are quite lot person who have guessed the specifications and that’s what I am going to tell you all in this post.

Apple iPhone 5

The specifications mentioned are all expected ones and none of these is confirmed from the officials of Apple. The ‘expected’ specifications goes like this –

  • Price – Expected price is $600 and that’s quite fair.
  • Camera – It is believed that iPhone 5 will be embedded with an 8 or 12 mega pixel camera.
  • Screen Size – It’s expected by a lot of people that the screen size of the upcoming iPhone 5 will be larger than that of iPhone 4. Screen size is expected to be either 4 inches or 5 inches.
  • Resolution – Apple has modified the resolution of all its products; likewise Apple is expected to launch iPhone 5 with better resolution.
  • Design – There are 50-50 chances for the change in design! But I think deign will remain the same.
  • Colours – We all know the colours which Apple loves the most – Black and White! No doubt about it that iPhone 5 will at least be available in these two colours.
  • HD Recording – It will be surely available.
  • Memory – It’s expected that iPhone 5 will be available in 64 GB, 32 GB, 16 GB and most probably 8 GB.
  • Battery life – Standby battery of iPhone 4 was 300 hours and it’s believed that iPhone will have longer battery life and it will be somewhere around 400 hours.
  • CDMA – Yes, I mean why not. If iPhone 4 have it then why cannot iPhone 5 have it!
  • RAM – RAM plays an important role and it’s believed that iPhone 5 will have more RAM than iPhone 4 and it’s expected to be somewhere around 1GB.
  • Voice Control – iPhone 5 will have voice control, that’s what most people expect.
  • Operating System – Apple is too excited to launch iOS 5 and iPhone 5 and it’s expected that Apple will launch both these products together that means iPhone 5 will have iOS 5!
  • Launch Date – Most probably September 2011.

How you are excited for Apple iPhone 5? Do share your excitement with us.

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  1. Don’t you think that the excessive specifications will be a bar for the 600$ target?

  2. 600$ may a bit costly but I think it’s worth.
    1 GB RAM is common in fact low on today’s laptops.

  3. Thanks a lot for your comment…

    But 1 GB is not common on mobile phones.. :)

  4. Thanks a lot for your comment…

    I dont think so.. specially in the case of Apple…

  5. Hey. Apple is a $$ hungry brand. I dont think they will give these at just 600$. 1000$ is minimum.

  6. Thanks a lot for your comment…

    Well said.. Apple is probably the most expensive brand… but i dont think the price will cross the limit of 600$ .. but as you said.. its a $$ hungry brand.. then probably the price will be somewhere around $800 but i want you not to forget the term “competition”.

  7. True Raj 1 GB is not common on mobiles, it will be common soon once iPhone 5 come out :)

  8. what i heard was that apple is going to go away with the memory, no 16GB or 32 GB, maximum would have 1 GB as flash memory, as icloud is coming together with iOS 5. So you will have to keep your data in cloud and will be synced to all your apple devices remotely on demand, music , contacts, mails, calender….apps. Thats one of the reasons why iphone 5 has been delayed as 4G services are mandatory for such operations. Price is expected around USD 1300 minimum. Chances are that Iphone 5 will not be called iphone 5 any longer…it is expected to be iphone air. Lets see….too excited))))!!!!!

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