September 26, 2017

Samsung Chromebook is out in the Market. Why You Should buy it?

Samsung Chromebook is latest Gadget by Google and Samsung ventures.  The Chromebook is not only having awesome features but Innovative Appearance also. Less than 10 seconds booting time and an amazing 8.5 hours of battery life, light, sleek Chromebook 5 Series provides the ultimate web experience, you will not find any other laptops.

Samsung Chromebook uses advanced technology to help prevent access to over do not you do not have to lift a finger to your data, malicious software and viruses.

Lets get ahead and Find Out why you should Buy Chromebook


Chromebook Features

Instant On

Samsung Chromebook get your online as soon as possible. It starts in less than 10 seconds, resume from hibernation the moment. Open the lid, and you come back on the network, you do not miss a beat. The Chromebooks purpose over time to get faster updates.

Silver Samsung ChromebookFind Your Next Favorite Web Applications

Each Chromebook running network applications to millions, from games to spreadsheets, to photo editing. To the power of HTML5, many applications continue to work even when you are not connected in those rare moments. To try the latest application, visit Chrome web store or just type in the URL. You can easily create a new tab shortcuts to launch your favorite web applications, so you can improve your online experience. No need for the CD.

Simplicity in Sync

Chromebooks keep your applications, documents, favorites and settings safely in the cloud. This means you can log on to a friend Chomebook and do not interfere with their access to your personal information. Or, if you lose or damage your Chromebook you have nothing to worry about. Just get another and logged in, you will be back up and running within minutes did not occur.

Forever Fresh

You Chromebook gets better and better over time, unlike a traditional PC. When you open it, it self-renewal. Automatically. All your applications stay up to date, you do not have to think about its operating system the latest and greatest version. Annoying update tips are not included.

Friends Let Friends Log In

Samsung Chromebook screen

Chromebooks share easily with family and friends. They can log on to their own experiences chrome settings, applications and extensions of all, or use the browse private client sessions. Either way, no one else is using your Chromebook will have access to your e-mail and personal data.

Built-in Security

Chromebooks run first for the operating system designed from the ground against malicious software and viruses continue to threaten. They use “defense in-depth” principle, to provide multiple layers of protection, including the sandbox, data encryption and authentication turned on. Website load quickly and smoothly, all applications, files and settings are stored in the cloud security.

So what are you thinking of? Ready to purchase your new Chromebook? Do share opinion with us.

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  1. Samsung Chromebook is awesome, it’s features are rocking.
    But I somehow feel that many corporate companies are trying to capture and limit the power of internet into their gadgets and into their app stores.

  2. I don’t agree with you Vasathi, it so not powerful. Its features are not too good and its performance is not as par as expected.

  3. Awesome product by Google. But requires high speed internet. Without internet it will not Entertain you more than a MP3 player

  4. @ Dinesh Verma
    May be you are a power user and this gadget may not meet your requirements, but still it is a good gadget for normal users.

    @ Dheeraj
    Yes there has to be a high-speed internet connection to entertain, one need not go this if they just want an MP3 player. China MP3 players rock in this aspect :)

  5. Nice Laptops.

    Can i know which Theme you use here.

  6. This really looks gorgeous..but can’t beat apple..

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