September 26, 2017

Cheap and Best Dual SIM Mobile phones Available below Rs. 2000/-

The first dual SIM mobile phone was launched in 2000 which was manufactured by Benefon in Finland. It is Dual SIM card phone revolution in India, because the mobile networks are competing among themselves and offering great offers, then it is the customer who have decide the best network. So, people are maintaining more than one mobile number.

Then it is turn for mobile phone manufacturer companies, if a company is not manufacturing at least one dual SIM card phone model then it is  out of race among the competitors. This reason made giant manufacturer companies in mobile phones to manufacture its dual SIM card mobile phones. Here I’m listing the models of dual SIM card mobile phones from branded companies in India which costs less than Rs. 2000/-

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Nokia X1-01

Nokia manufactures two dual sim card phone models. X1-01 is the only model which costs under Rs.2000/- from nokia which has screen resolution of 128 x 160 pixels with 56K color display. The features of it include stereo FM radio, phone book of 500 entries, microSD memory card slot expandable upto 16GB, flashlight, MP3 player, Li-ion battery stand-by up to 1032h and talk-time up to 13h.

Price: 1,926/-


Samsung manufactures three dual SIM card mobile phones for cheap price. Samsung E1172, E1225 and E1252 are the dual sim card mobile phones from the home of Samsung.

Samsung E1172

The best feature of it is mobile tracker some more features of this phone are SOS message, fake call. The screen have resolution of 128×128 powered with standard battery of talk time up to 12hrs. The phone MP3 player, can store 1000 phone book entries and 500 messages.

Price: Rs.1394/-

Samsung E1225

This is a dual SIMwith GPRS facility. The screen resolution of it is 128 x 160 pixels with TFT, 65K colors.Can store up to 1000 phone entries with stereo FM radio.  The phone is equipped with standard battery of talk time up to 9h and standby up to 420h.

Price: Rs.1513/-

Samsung E1252

The features of it include Long battery life, powerful sound with loud speakers,having screen resolution of 128 x 160 pixels, 2.0 inches and TFT, 256K colors display which can store 1000 phone book entries equipped with standard battery which gives talk time up to 11h and standby up to 625h.

Price: 1696/-


Micromax have bunch of dual SIM mobile phones which are available for low price.

Micromax Q1-Plus

This mobile phone features dual sim with VGA camera having 640 x 480 pixels screen resolution.This phone is enabled with GPRS connectivity with QWERTY keypad to make your message typo fast and reliable.

Price: Rs.1410/-

Micromax X117

The best feature of this phone is battery backup which gives up to 15h talk time and 30 days stand-by. This is an entry level phone with stereo FM radio.

Price: Rs.1450/-

Micromax X118

This dual SIM phone feature multi-format player with 3.5mm jack. Music player, stereo FM radio, 2GB expandable memory. Li-ion battery of talk time up to 6h and standby up to 10h.

Price: Rs.1495/-

Micromax X290

This mobile has 1.3Mpx camera, music player, stereo FM radio, battery talk time up to 240min and stand-by up to 150hours.

Price: Rs.1844/-

Micromax X235

This is dual SIM remote control phone which can be used as universal remote having stereo FM radio, music player and microSD slot expandable memory up to 4GB, phonebook of 1000 entries and battery with talk time up to 5h and stand-by up to 240hrs.

Price: Rs.1885/-

I have sorted the list of dual SIM card mobile phones of the top three manufacturers in India. Still there are some other brands manufacturing the dual SIM card phones like Karbon, Maxx, Lava. Please do check their web sites once before buying any mobile to get a clear idea about the cell phones in the market.

Note: These are the prices as on June 29, 2011. These prices are listed based on the best price around India.

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  1. Dual sim phones sucks :(

  2. I like Micromax X1i just because of awesome features like loud sound, wireless FM, Camera even the price of the phone also amazed me that will come around 1800 Rs.

    I strongly recommend Micromax X1i to all cheap price dual sim phone lovers.

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