September 26, 2017

Why You Should Root Your Android Device (Phone) ? [Reasons]

Android has achieved the milestone of world’s fastest growing OS. Even this OS ha gained huge amount of popularity, love and apps in the Android Market. As we all Android is a Linux-based operating system, which means that this is an open-source OS. But still it does not give full control over the device to users.

Root Your Android Device

Like we read about iOS Jailbreaking to gain full access in Apple iOS, same is the case with the Android. If we want to gain the root access in Android OS based handsets, we need to root the device. This process is known as Rooting the Android Device.

What is Rooting?

If I talk about in simple terms, than it mean gaining the root level access over the device. Now the question arises, what is root level access?

All these terms are related to Linux OS, and we are most addicted to Windows OS which is interface based no use of commands or deep knowledge. In simple words, like administrator of the OS has all the rights/privileges over the system same is the term rooting. Rooting provides full control/privileges over the device’s OS.

Now we will talk about: why should I root my Android Device?

Answer is quite simple, do you want extra features on your Android Device, which are restricted in case you have unrooted Android device? If your answer is yes, then read further:

There are various powerful benefits of rooting your Android device, as listed

  • Get those features which are officially not available

Whenever the OS is installed on the device it is modified by the device manufacturer according to their needs.  As we have seen, even the device is capable of some features but still those features are not made available on the device by company. But by rooting the device we can get those features, like Live Wallpapers, and many others. As we have seen that Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 has got Android 2.2 Froyo but it do still it do not supports Live Wallpapers. I am sure you, you got the point.

  • Multi-touch Support

If you have an Android OS based device but your device is not leashed with Multi-touch feature whereas the hardware of the device supports it. Then rooting your device may solve your problem and fulfill your demand easily.

  • Get Never Expected Apps

There are lots of Android apps available which are never installed or least used, because they need your device rooted. But it always do not indicates that if those applications are installed they will gain root access and will damage your phone, but those applications enhance Android user experience. You can grab and enjoy the power of those applications; you need to root your device.

  • Wi-Fi Tethering

Few of the android devices are away from this awesome feature to use your phone’s internet on your Laptop/PC. There are few applications available which can offer you to add this feature to your device but you need to root your device for it :(

  • Third Party Apps

There are few developers who build some powerful apps, but still their apps are not listed in the Android Market. One of the reasons behind it is Android Market do not trust them, but there is no need to get panic on it. However on your rooted device, you can get those applications installed on your Android device.

  • Install Apps on External Memory Card

By default Android is configured to allow users to install apps only on their phone memory. What if your memory is low but you want lots of apps on your phone. If you are having unrooted device, than you cannot install Android apps on your microSD card, but if your device is rooted, you can install those apps on external memory card and no need to worry about memory.

I hope these many reason are sufficient to go with Rooting your Android Device. In the next article we will talk about, How to Root Your Android Device. Stay Tuned with us !

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  1. can i increase my ram of my galaxy y after rooting……
    and what do you mean by connect it to pc while rooting ????
    why we need to connect????
    reply in my email id…

  2. baqirkhan says:

    uh say dat many apps are available after rootng…
    but are these apps also available in d market….aftre rooting…..i mean…….before they were not present……but after i opend d market with my rooted device……then they are available….will this happne??

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