October 22, 2017

Easy 5 Steps Procedure to Install Android 2.3 on HTC HD2 [Reasons]

Android is growing too fast leaving all its competitors far behind. The reasons behind the success of Android are its versatility, reliability, coolness and many more. Android is being used as a OS on almost all the latest smartphone, probably because no company wants its customers to skip their phone just for an Operating System.

Android now belongs to Google and android is making tons of money every day. Google has even released its latest version, Android v4.0 and it is named as Ice Cream Sandwich. All the phones deserve the love of Android and so is HTC’s HD2. HTC is growing fast but the OS which it has given to its users through HD2 is not just enough to meet the demands of their customers.

So in this tutorial I am going to share tweak by which you change the OS of your HD2 from Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional to Android v2.3 (Gingerbread). The tutorial is really easy and above all it works! Before beginning with the tutorial I would like to tell you all that if anything goes wrong with your HD2 then it’s not my responsibility.

Android 2.3 in HTC HD2

Now, the tutorial goes like this –

Step 1 – Download AOSP build file MDJ Android 2.3 Gingerbread AOSP Build and save it on your desktop or anywhere else. This is quite a large file but believe me once you get shifted to Android your phone will rock!

Step 2 – Now copy the folder named as “Android” to the root of your SD card.

Step 3 – Now you need to copy the data.img file to the recently coped folder “Android” folder.

Ste 4 – Run the file named as CLRXAD.exe from the explorer of your HTC HD2.

Step 5 – Finally you need to run the HARET.exe from your HTC HD2 and then you need to scream loud!

What to do now ?

After 10-15 minutes your phone will boot up and when it will restart you will see that it will be running on Gingerbread not on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional.

It is an easy tutorial but if you face any problems tell me through comments, I will try my best to resolve them.

Reasons why you should change your OS to Android v2.3 (Gingerbread)

  1. It is one of the largest OS in the world and hence the availability of apps for it is really high.
  2. Android v2.3 also provides you features like one touch copy paste, controlling your processor, clicking screen shots etc.
  3. Android v2.3 is one of the best Android OS and is being used in latest phones.
  4. Android v2.3 allows you to do one-touch word selection which you are going to miss in Android’s below this version.
  5. Android v2.3 will allow you to take the total control over your applications.
  6. Android v2.3 also has one of the largest app bundle of games.
  7. You can download all apps from one shop i.e. Android Market. It is like using iOS.

NOTE – If anything goes wrong with your phone then it’s not my responsibility.

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  1. Hi, i tried but after i run the HARET.exe the screen stop with black screen with some words on the top left side. Pls help.

  2. Have you read what to do now.. ?

  3. when i download the files i get CLRCAD.exe and 3 data.img files

  4. elaborate please…

  5. Arjun we all have the same probleme…we get a clrcad.exe and not the clrxad.exe you all are talking about…why?

  6. ya,mine also like that

  7. within 10-15 minutes your HTC HD2 will boot up and there you go you can see that your device is now working on the Android’s Gingerbread operating system and not on lame Windows operating system 6.0. So, in just four simple steps to be precise you can easily install Gingerbread on your HTC HD2.

  8. @lee..what kind of lame response is that..please guys help or just keep on playing your games.

  9. Arjun can you help us?

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