October 17, 2017

Will iPhone 5 Features Be Able to Compete with Android Features?

Whatever we are hearing about iPhone 5; impresses us, because we very much excited to see iPhone 5 in the market.  From the very first day of the launch of Android in the market, it is highly compared with Apple iPhone or iOS.

Recently we heard that, Apple iPhone 5 is coming September with another handset i.e. Apple iPhone 4S. However, we are only left with the choice to believe on these rumors.

Apple iPhone 5 Mockup

You can check our recent article to know about the power of latest and upcoming Apple iPhone 5. In this post, I am going to discuss about few of Android features which will not be available in iPhone 5.

Support for Flash

Surprisingly Apple iPhone 5 will not be able to support Flash; even the Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs stated that “Apple would not support Adobe Flash as the flash was created for PCs and Mice.” The rumors about the iPhone 5 indicate no existence of flash support.

Mobile Payment – NFC Enabled

The next version of Apple iPhone will not support NFC based payments. The lack of NFC is because of lack of industry standards about the technology.

4G Network support

Apple will not release iPhone which will be capable of 4G LTE Network support, said Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek. One of the reasons which are added for the no release of 4G phone, the impact of data-transfer on 4G network will ruin the battery life of iPhone.

Expecting Larger Display

Customers are expecting large screen/display size in Apple iPhone 5 but sadly, Apple iPhone 5 will maintain the same screen size as iPhone 4 has.

Impact of iCloud at iPhone 5

In WWDC Apple has introduced the cloud-locker facility named as iCloud, which offer synchronization of user data with the cloud storage. However, it has been suspected that Apple iPhone 5 will show its power with 64GB internal storage. Hope for the best!

However, the war hasn’t started yet!

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