September 24, 2017

Comparison – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S II Plus [Upcoming Phones]


The intensity of competition between the two largest mobile brands – Samsung and Apple has increased by a huge difference. The one who are getting benefited from this friction are us. We the consumers are making a lot of profit from this. How? We are getting more quality in lesser price and the price is lesser because everyone wants to buy cheap and the best and companies are also trying to satisfy this thirst by reducing the rates of their products. More competition will even lead to more profit. Samsung and Apple are the largest mobile phone producers and they both have been challenging each other since the day they were created. They are competing with each other by providing their demanding consumers more quality in lesser price.

Apple has recently announced that it will be launching its whole new product – Apple iPhone 5. All the predecessors of iPhone 5 have a great performance and we all expect the same from iPhone 5 and some of us expect even more. Another reason why iPhone 5 is in news is that there are rumors that iPhone 5 will be powered by the next generation processor – iOS 5 which is another creation by Apple. iOS 5’s predecessors have also proved themselves, now it’s the turn of iOS 5.

Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S II Plus

Samsung has recently launched the most thrilling and a much awaited phone – Samsung Galaxy S 2 which is believed to be the best ever by Samsung! Soon after the release of Samsung Galaxy S 2 people put their eyes on the Indian phone market for the next version of Samsung Galaxy S 2. The name of the new version will be Samsung Galaxy S 2+. Likewise its predecessor, this phone is also believed to take Samsung to the new heights, heights which no other brand has ever touched.

Now let us see which one of these is better. I will be deciding which brand has an extra edge over the other. The comparison between the two expected best ever creations by two best ever mobile brand goes like this –

Operating System

Operating System (OS) is the most important thing in a phone. It decides many things like how your phone will look, what are the themes which you will be using, are you going to be popular etc.  I have mentioned earlier in the post that Apple iPhone 5 is expected to be powered with iOS 5 and this OS is believed to give cut throat competition to the Android so Google should pull up its socks to fight the whole new danger on its ‘sweet’ Android. Samsung Galaxy S 2+ on the other hand is expected to have Android v4.0 which is again expected to be the best. Android v4.0 is named as Ice Cream Sandwich and has been released in May this year. It is expected to be better and more versatile than its predecessors. Both the OS are yet not released and it is hard to judge which one is the best in advance.

Winner – Tie

Processor and Performance

Apple is known for its devices and softwares while Samsung is known only for its devices. So it’s quite is expected by quite a lot people that Samsung’s Galaxy S2+ will be better than iPhone 5. Processor is the field in which both the brands are giving best in the least. Expected processor of iPhone 5 is expected to provide it the clock speed of 1.2 GHz to 1.5 Ghz and this is a lot more than the predecessor of iPhone 4 as it was loaded with a 1 Ghz processor.  Samsung Galaxy S 2 is already having a 1.2 Ghz processor it’s obvious that its successor will have a bit more clock speed, so it’s it expected that Samsung Galaxy S 2+ will have a 1.4 Ghz to 1.8 Ghz processor. The difference of expected clock speed is too much and I think Samsung has clean swept this category.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus

Storage and Capacity

Storage has always been a problem for those who totally rely on mobile phones. I mean those wh do everything on their phones rather than their computer.Storage is expect not to worry everyone because the expected storage capacities of both the phones is expected to take the storage to a new level. It is expected that iPhone 5 will be available even in a 128GB. For Apple not is impossible. While it seems Samsung has also decided not to leave iPhone this easily. Samsung Galaxy S 2+ is expected to have the storage capacity of same amount i.e. 128 GB. I have already mentioned that it is difficult to say anything about the features of these phones before their features get officially announced.

Winner – Tie

Camera and Photography

Camera is the mandatory features on the phones available in the Indian market. Apple believes in quality and so is Samsung so we expect both of them to provide us a good, light yet a powerful camera to us. Samsung has been embedding its phone with high quality cameras from quite a long time and so is Apple. Apple is expected to provide a powerful 8 MP or a 12 MP primary camera with dual LED flash and a 5MP secondary camera. Samsung Galaxy S 2+ is also not running out of expectations, people have expected the same for Samsung Galaxy S 2+. If your phone will have a powerful camera then you don’t need to carry your digital cam everywhere, you can simply do the same task which you were going to do with your digital cam with your phone!

Winner – Tie

Video and Filmography

Shooting movies has always fascinated me and similar might be the case with you. Video and Filmography has always been a part of life of some great people.  It seems both the brands, Apple and Samsung have kept this thing in mind and they have specially designed their upcoming products to tackle the needs of the people. It is believed that Samsung Galaxy S 2+ is embedded with an 8 MP camera and it will allow you to shoot movies of full HD quality that is 1080p and that too with the super amazing speed of 30fps. Many people have even expected that Samsung Galaxy S 2+ will allow you to shoot videos with a flash so you don’t need to hang around with a torch in your hand to shoot movies! Similarly Apple iPhone 5 is believed to have a same camera resolution that is 8 MP but the quality is expected to be around 720p with the speed of 30fps. Another drawback which iPhone 5 is expected to have is that it won’t allow you to shoot videos in the flash.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S 2+

DreamBloggers Verdict

It is probably the hardest comparison of two phones I have ever done. Both the phones are awesome and super sizzling. They both are expected to have high specifications and are also believed to start the new era of smartphones. iPhone 5 should be the choice of the people with high budget as the low-budget people won’t be able to buy the iPhone 5 with huge memory like 64GB. But Samsung Galaxy S 2+ is expected to be a bit cheaper than iPhone 5. The specifications of Samsung Galaxy S 2+ are also expected to be a bit more than that of iPhone 5. So if all goes like mentioned in this comparison, Samsung Galaxy S 2+ will clean sweep everything from iPhone 5.

Note: The comparison & Analysis of both the phones has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.

So which phone you are going to purchase? Do share with us, We would love to hear from you. :)

If you find any wrong or incomplete details, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct comparison, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.

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  1. Normally, I agree with you that Apple offers products just below part with the market leader, but they will still do well competing against the the Galaxy II because they have a legion of followers. The Galaxy II will have cutting edge hardware with a cutting edge Android OS that will be upgraded similar to it’s predecessor, where the Iphone 5 will have hardware that is already on the market with the I5 OS.

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