September 26, 2017

Nokia Firmware Update V50 for Nokia 5228/5230/5233/5235/5238

If you are the proud owner of any of the following phones, Nokia has brought good and exciting news for you. Nokia has released a new firmware update for each of the phone listed below

  • Nokia 5233
  • 5230
  • 5233
  • 5235
  • 5236
  • 5238

Best and the most valuable update in this new firmware is “New version of Browser”, this new browser is same which is used in Symbian Anna OS. It has been said that, this new browser will offer you with improved browsing experience and fast processing.

Nokia 5230

Not only this, the new version of this browser will support multiple tabs, and includes features like searching the web from the URL field and supports non-Latin characters.

This update has brought an improvement in the home screen of the phone by displaying a big clock with date and time, when the menu button is pressed in the locked state. Moreover, the new update will bring a support for emoticons.

Apart from all the updates, now swiping the screen will get phone unlocked. Few performance and stability improvements and bug-fixes are added in the update.

You can instantly update your phone with the help of Nokia Software updater or via OTA.


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  1. i updated nokia 5233 firmware to v 50 using ovi suite,, but i cannot see the big clock on pressing menu key in locked mode…?? but i could see that while pressing power key in locked mode…is that same for all??? pls reply

  2. Hello Nadeem,

    You are right, this is same for every one here.

    Thanks for staying by. :)

  3. is there any problem in the new version 5 of nokia 5233. And does the camera quality increses.
    Kindly reply.

  4. Aminawesome says:

    Hi,i have a quiestion from you:please tell me ,is this version have persian(farsi) language? Tnx

  5. guys there is nothing problem in that i also upgrade it and it works perfect by pressing the menu button in lock mode and big clock is display…reinstall it may fix this problem

  6. Dears i have not face any problem after updating this new version
    i am very happy wich new features like smily,speeed,new big clock and lot of other things

  7. Hi dears
    i have found updating problem but after restarting nokia ovi suite its resolved
    and after it its working perfect,i have very happy with its new feature now its speed also increase

  8. Can anyone just confirm that this update has same icons as before? I have v40 installed on 5235 and its showing to update to v51.6.002.
    Nokia has changed icons as in Anna, I don’t like that. They released new Nokia suite instead of Ovi suite. Functionality is better but these icons are horrible, atleast to me they seem so!
    Anyways, Thanks for emoticons!! :)

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