September 26, 2017

Comparison – LG Optimus 3D Vs iPhone 4 [Detailed Review]

LG’s phone comes from the next generation of smart phones, with its 3D technology and dual core processor. So how does it compare to the current market leader, the iPhone 4?

Well the biggest difference here is the screen. The iPhone with its famous 3.5in Retina Display comes up against the 4.3in 3D display of the new Optimus 3D. Well it depends on what you want. The iPhones display is sheer class; its high-resolution per inch accompanied with the wonderful text when zoomed in was and is amazing. The 3D LG’s screen is brilliant too, albeit in a different way.

Apple iPhone 4 Vs LG Optimus 3DIts 3D experience without glasses is fantastic for what it is and what it does. The parallax screen is fantastic and is well executed too. The screen in 2D is bright and clear and shows text well up close, perhaps not as well as the iPhone. It really is a case of swings and roundabouts. Both are HD screens and really there is little between them for whichever reason you choose.

The phones do differ in size too; the LG is large with its 4.3in screen and also quite thick. The Apple is a slim model with industrial looks. Both are good looking phones but the iPhone is perhaps a little nicer looking and feels a little better in the hand.

Inside the iPhone has a single core 1GHz processor, though the LG has a dual core 1GHz chip. Which as you can imagine is faster than the older iPhone. They both come with 512MB of RAM and are both quick browsing machines. The iOS of Apple and Android 2.2 are both good operating systems and neither have much or any lag when being used.

The Optimus’ 3D dual cameras do cause differentiation to be made between the two models. The iPhones quite average 5MP flasher is nothing compared to the 3D LG camera. It can shoot 720p in 3D and 1080p in 2D making it a very interesting clicker by all accounts.

The iPhone come with a 16/32/64GB of memory, the LG with 8GB and the option of up to 32GB via SD card. This does give the iPhone an advantage in some ways as you have the option of a large amount of hard memory.

Overall though there is not much to separate them aside from the obvious – 3D, which though a great innovation doesn’t make a phone alone. The LG though does scrape it with its large processor, though there is little in it.

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  1. Your post really helped me to know the differences between these two newly released mobile phones with countless features. It has great details and yet it is easy to understand.
    That’s what i was looking for. I will definitely share it with others.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Richard Powell says:

    Great to see such in depth coverage of the screen.
    A quick review of the hardware specs.
    However what it really important is: is the phone easy to use?
    How many applications does it have? Are they upgradeable? Are they any good?
    Does it have GPS or a compass?

    The reason the iPhone was so popular wasn’t because it had a beautiful screen and a certain processor, it was because it was intuitive, extendible through apps, and versatile.
    Competing on technical feature specs was the old paradigm and it is clear that this is not the most important factor in choosing a device.

    I will research these aspects of the LG phone before making a purchasing decision.

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