September 24, 2017

uCoz – Easy and Free Website Website Creator Service

If you are the one who want to make his/her own website, but don’t have the knowledge of coding or programming, then don’t worry uCoz will help you to create website.

uCoz is an online builder to create website for free! Yes you read it right; you don’t need to invest even a single penny for starting your own web world.  uCoz offers the various type of web services like Blogger, WordPress or other free website/weblog creators.

Ucoz Web Services

Whenever it comes to make a website, two things are needed i.e. Domain name and Space

In case of uCoz, you will be offered with one free domain name, besides this you can add your own TLDs. Coming towards the web space, you will be provided with “UNLIMITED DISK SPACE” for FREE. It’s really unbelievable, but it’s true.

The main focus/moto of uCoz is to fulfill the wish of those individuals who want to make a website.

If I compare uCoz with other web services than I would like to throw some light on the tough true fact that on other services you need power knowledge of web designing and programming, whereas with uCoz your website building task will become smooth and easy and this is the main reason why I am recommending you to go with uCoz.

uCoz Website Builder

Powerful features of uCoz Web service

  • uCoz offers a huge range of CMS website building service like you can make forum, E-shop, site news, Blog (Web Journal), Site Catalog and many others.
  • All the services offered are totally free
  • Unlimited Diskspace and free domain name
  • Easy to use “Template Builder”
  • They also provides 21 modules, thousands of widgets as well as gadgets to design your blog attractively and provides Domain names like, and also provides Database backup which makes you to blog without any tension and they claim 99% Uptime.

Cons of uCoz

It do not offer you to use scripts like PHP, CGI etc and therefore you cannot use databases like MYSQL, MSSQL etc. Still, Its cons do not stands in the front of its Pros.

What all I would like to recommend is, Go ahead and Rock the world with your web wold with uCoz.

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