September 26, 2017

Is your Computer infected with Viruses? Check Your PC Now !

Have you ever experienced an unusually slow performance of your PC? Well if you do, then you are one of the millions of computer users who are also suffering this kind of computer predicament. Actually, there are a lot of reasons why computers can be ever so slow. One of the many reasons for slow computers is virus. An infected computer can surely drive you insane since in this kind of scenario, because it may become practically useless.

Keep Your PC Safe

What are the signs and symptoms that a computer has been infected by a virus?

Computer is really slow

Computer viruses can eat up your memory of your computer. Memory plays a vital role on your system. Poor memory can surely slows down the performance on your computer.

Opening up of Random Programs

This is a common sight once your computer has been infected by malware. Even though you are not using Internet Explorer, you will notice that a bunch of programs have been opened and processed. You can see this in the Task Manager.

Freezing and Crashing of Programs

There are instances that you are in the middle of a certain program when suddenly that program has begun to freeze. No matter what you do, the program will not continue to process.


This is another symptom that your computer has been infected. Actually this is a common sight encountered by almost all users. A bunch of pop ups will appear on your screen every time you use the Internet. Every time you browse or visit a web site, pop ups of different advertisements will be displayed on your screen. What’s worse is even though you are not using the Internet, pop ups still appear on your monitor screen. These pop ups can be distracting because once you click on them to close it, it will appear again.  This is sure an indication that your computer has been infected by a virus.

Browser Redirects

You will encounter that at times, when you search online like YouTube, instead of directing you to that site, you are redirected to another website. Redirecting to other website can be a lot infuriating.

 Appearances of Desktop Shortcuts

This can be a common occurrence encountered by many computer users. A lot of desktop shortcuts appeared on the desktop even though you did not make them.

Weird sounds coming from your own computer

There are instances wherein there are some users who have heard strange voices coming from their computer. It’s kind of weird hearing eccentric sounds.

Windows Task Manager is Inaccessible

You cannot use your Task Manager since this tool has been disabled. You cannot immediately stop a program that has been currently running. Inaccessibility of the Windows Task Manager is a sign that the computer is infected.

Computer can only Access Safemode

There are times that your computer will reboot itself and will keep on bringing you back to the screen where there are lots of options to choose from.

What all measures do you take for securing your PC from Viruses? Do share with us.

Article by Guest Author: These are some of the most common problems described by Jesse and encountered by lots of computer users. To help you resolve these problems, you should try out some virus and malware remover software.


  1. Nice article. I use Kaspersky antivirus and Malware security. It works good for me and I have not faced any problem yet.

  2. I am using nod32 antivirus.. and so far I had no problems..

  3. thanks for this article I am using Bitdefender and just like its name it is the best antivirus which protects the every bit of the computer.

  4. I find that Microsoft Security Essentials does a great job of keeping me clean. Plus, it’s free!

  5. I may seem paranoid at the list I am about to post, but with all good reasons with the work I do online I often encounter rather dangerous sites.

    I’ve got my system pretty much locked down with the following:

    Norton Internet Security 2011
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    Spybot S&D

    All with adjusted settings from the install default to be as paranoid as possible. 😛

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