May 25, 2017

HTC Sensation Vs HTC EVO 3D [Compared]

HTC have had a busy few months, releasing its dual core processor powered Sensation in the UK and now deciding to bring the new EVO 3D to the UK in August. The EVO 3D has already been very popular in the United States, but will it meet with similar success in the UK?

The two devices are set to compete with each other, so which is better?

Both devices have similar processing power using the 1.2GHz dual core processor HTC have utilised to the maximum. Both also come with 1GB of RAM – meaning they are fast and capable devices for multitasking and playing games on.

Amazingly the two HTC’s also have similar screens – 4.3inch displays that display at 540x960p. This means they are both excellent for browsing and zooming, though the EVO’s is a 3D stereoscopic display that allows 3D images to be shown without glasses.

HTC Sensation Vs HTC EVO 3D

The differences are more evident in the cameras. The Sensation has a straight up 2D 8mp camera whereas the HTC EVO 3D has the dual lens 3D recording camera that you would expect of it. This camera means 3D recording in 720p and 3D photos as well as 1080p in 2D also. The Sensation has an excellent 2D camera that does a great job of taking 8mp snaps and recording on full 1080p. The additional 3D support makes the EVO camera a little bit more unique here.

Both also share the same operating system, Android 2.3 with HTC Sense. This creates a smooth experience on both phones, which look great from near and afar. The HTC EVO however is a lot heavier than the Sensation, weighing in at a hefty 170g. The Sensation is not tiny but is a bit of a model when compared to this giant machine.

Both phones come with DLNA, can be used as wireless hot spots and include the HTC Watch video and TV streaming facility as well as featuring Bluetooth and all the usual specs.

The DLNA on both allows them to stream to a larger screen; however this is more impressive on the EVO as it allows users to stream 3D content – very impressive.

This is the reason why the EVO is a more desirable phone once you can get past its size. It has all the things the Sensation has but also offers a 3D experience which pushes it that little bit ahead of the Sensation. For the simple fact that this is the deal breaker makes the HTC EVO 3D a nicer phone than the Sensation in our humble opinions.

But this all depends on whether or not you want 3D on your phone and, at present, many people don’t. So the real question here is whether you want to try out this latest craze and opt for the EVO, or stick to what you know and pick up the Sensation instead.

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