October 17, 2017

Hands-on Review : Samsung Chat 322 QWERTY keypad & Dual SIM Phone

With the advancement in technology, demands of the customers are also changing. Earlier we were habitual of using keypad phones with Single SIM support. But the trend has changed now; Today is the generation of Touchscreen & Dual SIM smartphones.

Today I am going to talk about the Dual SIM Smartphone with Full QWERTY keypad. I am specifically going to talk about the phone from Samsung i.e. Samsung Chat 322.

Samsung has already revolutionized the market with Galaxy series Android smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S II is the hottest phone in the Android market, Whereas Samsung Chat series handsets are for those users who love chatting, messaging & Emailing. All the handsets in this series are leashed with QWERTY keypad, which offers convenience in typing purposes.

Samsung Chat Phone & Box

This is the first Hands-on review by Dreambloggers; we would love to have your feedback on it. It’s your feedback which will help us to more efforts in the improvement of the review.

Introduction to Samsung Chat 322

Samsung Chat 322 is cheap and affordable device with beautiful looks and features. The device color which we came across in the market is black. Black color with yellow touch, this combination was looking awesome for the device.

What is in the Box?

What is in the box?

  • Phone
  • Battery
  • Earphones
  • Charger
  • Phone Manual
  • PC Suite CD
  • USB Cable

Look & Feel

From far-end view the handset looks like a professional phone, by the way No doubt it is a professional phone.

Look and Feel

Samsung Chat is a thin and light weight phone; its beautiful rounded shape edges add more beauty to it. From the back side, the body is very simple with shiny black finish. Whereas from the front, the device is stamped with keys and bright TFT screen. The size of the screen is 5.39cm.

Features of Samsung Chat 322

Dual SIM Phone

It is Samsung’s first phone which has both feature of Dual SIM & QWERTY keypad.  Its hassle free Dual SIM option will make your decision stronger to go for it. With just a single button, you can switch between the SIM cards.

SIM Budgeter

An option of SIM Budgeter is also added. This option helps you in keeping track of recharges you had made on your mobile connection. You can store the information like when you did the recharge and of what amount. All this information can be stored in the device itself.

Optical Trackpad

I found the Trackpad working smooth and swift. With Trackpad you can sweep in 1 step or 3 step movement. The response of the Trackpad is quite amazing. It makes you to navigate menus smoothly and expedite functions. You can explore your phone with more comfort.

Stay Connected with your friends

Samsung Chat has been integrated with Pre-installed social network and messaging apps. When we explored the applications menu, we found instant messenger, Bluetooth Messenger, Facebook and Twitter apps.

Suitable for business & personal use

If you are a businessman, then you need huge phonebook storage and Samsung chat is ready to fulfill this need by offering 1000 phonebook contact storage support. Its optical Trackpad make the work smooth and easier. This device is also integrated with Push Mail support.

Front Look & Beauty

If you are not a business and looking to use it for personal purpose then this phone will be best choice for you. Its QWERTY keypad, Dual SIM support, 8GB Expandable memory and good sound quality is enough for choosing it. What else is needed?

Camera & Photography

I know you might be wondering, I didn’t spoke a word about camera. Samsung Chat is sported with 1.3MP camera which offers satisfactory image quality. You can instantly click images and share it with your friends over social networking sites.

Battery capacity

Samsung Chat 322 is powered by 1000 mAh battery which provides long battery backup and talktime. It offers talktime up to 12 hours.

Miscellaneous features

Few of the basic features which are added in this phone are Bluetooth 2.1, FM Radio and USB 2.0 support.


The price of Samsung Chat 322 is about Rs. 3900/- and now the question arises “You should buy this phone or not?”

The answer of this question is very simple and clear and it is “Yes, you should buy this phone”. I have 4 strong reason for it, QWERTY keypad and Dual SIM phone at this cost is worthy. You can expand your phone memory upto 8 GB and with 3.5m jack you can attach speakers too.

Cons of Samsung Chat 322

As we know, for each and every product, there are both positive and negative aspects. First thing which we didn’t like about the phone is, It’s QWERTY keypad is bit conjusted, which makes typing tough.

That’s all about Samsung Chat 322, we will be coming up with more Hands-on review soon. For the time, we would like to know your feedback on this review. Thanks

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  1. VERY NICE REVIEW OF Samsung Ch@t 322

  2. wow rajan nice review ………………….gud luck for future…:)

  3. Nice Review Rajan.

  4. That’s awesome, i read it and now my need is increasing for the phone.

  5. i am thinking to buy it.. thankz for review… i thought u wer contestin a contest with samsung 322 😛

  6. *conducting

  7. Nice review with clear photos, I think its your own handmade photos. Thanking you.

  8. Rocking, lengthy, ignoble, and AWESOME review… :)

    The phone is good too.. :)

  9. i purchased this mobile just a few days back and am really loving it.

  10. himanshu shekhar says:

    I bought sam chat 322 one month ago but its features have made me dissatisfied as it has no advantage over nokia x2-01 dou its camera is better. It has only 800 kb internal memory to download games/browser.pre-installed 3 system games cover its 2.5 MB int memory wich can’t be deleted. No broswer runs more than 2 or 3 days in chat322 so plz don’t consider it a internet-ready phone or a chat phone.no facility for cut,copy,paste. Keypad is bakbas; u may’ve finger-ache. Dont be greedy 4 camera n o-trackpad. U may be satisfied wid nokia-x2-01,check out.

  11. jagdeep gupta says:

    This is Tottaly Bakwas(bad quality) phone as you can not install external application internals are very few and most of those dont work like messanger and all.

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