October 17, 2017

Samsung Vs Apple : The Endless Blaming (and Suing)

Let the battle begin! The contenders in the latest tech-war are Apple and Samsung. The South Korea based company filed a lawsuit against Apple after the tech giant sued Samsung Electronics for allegedly violating its iPad and iPhone patents and trademarks.

According to Cupertino, California’s Apple, Samsung’s new tablets and smartphones bare too much of a resemblance to Apples own devices. Apple’s lawsuit, which was filed in Northern California’s U.S. District Court, is seeking the following: injunctions, actual and punitive damages and determination that the alleged infringement by Samsung was done willfully. According to Apple, Samsung blatantly copied the shape of its tablet and smartphone, the packaging and the user interface.

Samsung Vs Apple

Apple has been feeling the pressure from the rising popularity of competing devices which use the Android operating system (OS) provided free by Google. Currently, at least in the United States, Android is at the top of its game. It is by far the most popular operating system software for smartphones. Google’s Android is in front of Apple and Research in Motion. This is according to a survey conducted by comScore, a research firm. It seems that the key battlefield when you talk about dominance in the world of smartphones is the operating system.

The South Korean company rides the Android boom as it continues to be the leading smartphone maker using the Google OS. Samsung has come out with three sizes of tablets making it Apple’s strongest competitor.

According to Samsung, both iPad and iPhone infringed on Samsung’s mobile technology patents. Apple is being asked to compensate Samsung and also to bring to an end its infringement of the South Korean company’s technology. Samsung’s lawsuits were filed in South Korea and Japan as well as in Germany. The company alleges that Apple infringed at least 10 patents. Some of these patents involve 3G technology for error reduction during data transmission, power reduction during transmission of data and its wireless data communication technology.

This tit-for-tat legal battle could easily put a strain and even jeopardize the existing business ties between Apple and Samsung. After all, Apple products use a number of components manufactured by Samsung; namely, the LCD displays and the chips.

Tech watchers will have to wait and see how this battle will play out in the coming months or even years. Many are interested to find out how this finger-pointing will affect Samsung’s profits. iPad and iPhone’s strong sales are actual good for Samsung because Apple is their number two client at least in the previous year. And this year, it is expected that Apple will be Samsung’s top money-maker. Grab your popcorns and sodas. This will be an interesting battle to watch.

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