October 18, 2017

Maxx MX401 & MQ601 Introduced with Noise Suppression Technology

If you are using a mobile phone which is creating noise problems while conversation, then the time has arrived to replace your current phone with Maxx Noise suppressions mobiles.

Recently Maxx Mobiles has introduced a new series of phones i.e. “KHAMOSHH Series”. This series is specifically filled with those phones which are powered by Noise Suppression technology.

Current two devices are added in this series, one is “Maxx MX401” which is a dual-SIM phone with all basic features like 2MP camera, social-networking apps.

Other handset in this series is “Maxx MQ601” it is a Dual SIM phone with QWERTY keypad and almost same features as MX401.

Maxx MX401

Maxx MX401

It is a phone with Dual SIM Capability and featuring 2.4-inches screen. The device is pre-installed with social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. The price tag for this phone is just Rs. 2,833. Maxx MX401 is sported with 2MP camera. It offers a long talktime of 5.5 hours and standby time of 350 hours. You can expand the memory of phone with microSD card upto 8GB.

Maxx MQ601

Maxx MQ601

This device also has the feature of Dual SIM, but its unique feature is its QWERTY keypad. The price tag for this device is Rs. 2,970. It is sported with the same 2MP camera. But the screen size .1 inches less i.e. 2.3-inces TFT screen. You can expand the memory of this phone with microSD card upto 2GB.

It is boasted with 1000mAh battery which offers talktime upto 4.5hours and standby time upto 350 hours. It is currently available in two colors i.e. Black and Grey.

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  1. These Maxx and Micromax are producing awesome phones and now mass is buying these kind of phones only. But, the software used in these phones are annoying.

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