September 26, 2017

How to Update Tweets from Google+ (Plus)?

Google+ looks great with the introduction of circles and hangouts compared to its competitor Facebook. Within two weeks 10 million people became users of the Google+. There are many cross-platform add-on’s and applications are introduced like update Facebook status from the Google+, post tweet from the Google+ and transfer the images from Facebook to the Google+ still there are many more tricks for the Google+ for the cross-platform. Here are some ideas how to update your twitter account from google+.

Google+ (plus) to Twitter

Google+ to Twitter

manageflitter plus is the twitter application which tweets your Google+ posts to twitter which is of less than 140 characters. If the post is greater than 140 characters then the link to Google post is tweeted. Navigate to this application and enter your google+ profile url, later sing in into the app using the twitter application later post tweets from your google+ account.

 Integrate Twitter into Google+

Google+ tweet add-on is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome which integrates Twitter into your Google+ account after installation of add-on. Then the twitter account is embedded into your Google+ account where you can see the entire tweet timelines, followers and can tweet from there.

 Update your Twitter Account With Email from Google+

With twittercounter website you can update tweets by sending email. Signup to twittercounter app later go the settings page at the top left corner copy your custom twitter email at the first row, later go to your google+ account , create a circle and name it ‘twitter’ later add your custom twittercounter email address to the circle which is created.

Later when you need to update a tweet from google+, write the post in google+ and share it with the ‘twitter’ circle.

There is other website which synchronize your twitter tweets and Facebook statuses from the google+ account. But unfortunately Google disabled this option today, but it could work in future.

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