September 26, 2017

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy an Android Mobile Phone?

Android is a Linux kernel based mobile operating system acquired by the Google in 2005 from the developers Andy Rubin and Rich Miner. Later Google made it as open source operating system, since then many developers contributed to android to make it a super mobile operating system platform. Every day millions of handsets with android operating system have been activated. Here are some reasons which makes you inspire to buy the android phone next time when you are going to plan to buy a mobile phone.

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There are nearly 150,000 applications for the android in the android market from different categories like games, entertainment, productivity, etc. which can be installed and used according to your needs. The application can be directly installed from the android mobile phone. Most of these applications are open source applications which can be installed of no cost and there are paid application, the cost of the applications vary based on their type.

Access the Internet on go

Almost all the android mobile handsets are have access to internet, if you are freaked to social networking then it would be a best move to buy an android handset where you can watch your friends are doing through access of Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn on go. You can also watch YouTube videos and check your email updates.

Make Calls and Send SMS of no cost

There are many applications which allows you to make free voice calls and video calls or send SMS’s by installing their client software’s in your android mobile phone. These application work with VoIP technology. The applications like Nimbuz, Fring, Skype, viber, Tango etc. allows you send IM’s and make calls over VoIP.

Make Your Android Phone as Your Personal Assistant

Celebrities are very busy so they need personal assistant to take care of daily schedules, make budget list of their daily expenses etc. Every person is busy in this world with work, needs remainders and can’t employ a personal assistant with his wages. If you  have an android mobile phone you can set it as your PA(personal assistant) which gives you the reminders as notifications, makes a list of expenses and shows statistics, prepares To-Do list etc.

News & Entertainment

Entertainment is the essential part of the life to get relaxed from the work for some time and news are for what’s going around you.These two can be accessed if you have android mobile handset. The top entertainment applications are Gigbox, Gmote, qik, Audible and the top news applications are CNN, News Reader, FeedR News Reader.

Find the address in the Unknown location without getting assistance From Anyone

There are many apps for android which works with GPS technology and helps you to trace out the address of the specific location. The apps like Google Maps Navigation, CoPilot, Places Directory  works using the GPS technology.


Leisure time will be horrible if you are quite and waiting for time to pass. The games applications for the android has a wide range of categories like action, puzzle, multiplayer makes you to pass the time without your knowledge. Just install the games into your android phone and play them.

Cheap and Best Smart Phones

The android phones in the market are available from a very low price starting $120 which have full fledged features an android mobile phone needs. An android phone should have a GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for the full fledged use.


There are some more reasons where an android phone can be used to get weather updates of your location, take care of your health & fitness etc. There are some issues where users of the android are complaining about its security, it is consuming more battery power and many more.

Every problem has solution if you keep all these problems aside you can use it to make your daily routine flexible with android mobile phones. Dream bloggers advices you that you should have one android handset with you.

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  1. Totally agreed with these reasons. It contains every type of application according to the needs of the users. It have all the features which every user wants in their handset.

  2. I think,the name “android” is sufficient to make a mobile special and
    @@@@ nearly 150,000 apps in android market:
    correction:There are more than 250,000+ apps officially,430,000+ estimated apps in android market

  3. There is no reason why someone shouldn’t buy an android phone yet millions to buy it. It has made my life so much easier with the help of those cool apps that I have downloaded in my gadget!

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