September 26, 2017

5 Best & Worthy Tablet PCs for Students [Specs, Features & Price]

Gone are the days when Apple’s iPad was the only tablet PC as now the tablet PC market is a booming market trying to make this as a million or a trillion-dollar business. There are now plenty of options available in the market, especially for students to make life much easier and send homework on time, even if they go out hiking with their friends. Let us discuss some of the best-selling student tablet PCs, and how helpful are they for finishing student projects, both group and individual.

  1. Apple iPad 2

This is the second generation of iPad, the first ever tablet PC that has created a new market, and now has been entirely revamped in design and features that are much more than attractive and competitive. Some of the highlightable design of this iPad 2 will include a thinner, 0.34” and a much lighter, 1.34 pounds only with two cameras, front facing for video chatting and calling and a rear camera for recording high quality videos and images.

Apple iPad 2

This iPad 2 runs on the much spoken A5 processor, and is only 9.5” in size with 1024 × 768 IPS display offering the best viewing angles. This iPad is known for improved features like improved notification system, tabbed browsing, twitter integration and iTunes cloud computing technology for the price of $499 only.

  1. HP Touch Pad

This is a webOS tablet PC and is no way a compromise to iPad, that comes with a much reputed brand name HP. Coming for the same price of $499, this tablet PC features the following specifications like 9.7” display, a fast 1.2 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a front camera face time calling and video chats. Students find this tablet PC versatile for doing their homework, besides the ability of this tablet PC to multitask and network socially much more efficiently.

HP Touch Pad

Some of the other noteworthy feature is Tap to Share, which gives the flexibility to exchange info, web pages with the tap of the touch pad. This tablet is made for both work and play.

  1. Nook Color

If you are a student and is looking for something highly economical and is much useful to do your homework, then this is the tablet PC that you can bargain on an incredible price of $249 only. This is an ideal tablet, especially if you are looking for something slightly more than an e-reader, then get Nook Color that comes with a 7” LCD touchscreen, which provides you with an interface for accessing Barnes and Noble catalog (including the magazines and newspapers), besides surfing the web.

Nook Color

This tablet PC also lets you to take notes, highlight passages and also will let you to loan books, with some amount of social networking with integrated Facebook and Twitter. What is not good is the size and the bulky nature of this tablet PC, which is a compromise that you have to make for the price.

  1. HTC Flyer

Working on par with iPad, this HTC flyer tablet PC comes for the same price of many of their other counterparts, $499 only, which has been hitting the market by highlighting the note-taking feature using a scribbler, which is also quite attractive that the first few tablet PCs came up with a package containing the Scribbler. However, now you need to pay $80 in addition for the Scribbler, using the Evernote application, and allows you to record audio of the classes while you use the pen.

HTC Flyer

Besides the 1.5 GHz processor enhances the performance of this notebook and comes with a sturdy aluminium design.

  1. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

The bet on this tablet PC by giving a $100 less than the others for more or less similar features is sure to make this a more preferred tablet PC that with an extra $199, could make this look like a portable computer by using the keyboard dock. Otherwise, the tablet PC is attractive 10” android 3.1 slate powered with a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and is the cheapest that you can bargain.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

This tablet comes with two USB ports and connecting peripherals with a mini HDMI output, and therefore can be connected to a larger screen. Asus EEE is well-known for their powerful battery package that can stand for nearly 16 hours when in use.

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