October 18, 2017

Nokia X6 Firmware Update to V32 [Update Your Phone Now!]

Few weeks back, Nokia has released a firmware update for Nokia 52xx series handsets i.e. V50 firmware update. Continuing the updates, Nokia X6 has been issued with the new firmware upto to 32.xx

Nokia X6 is an amazing handset in both design and features. This handset is specially focused on music lovers. This firmware update has brought improvements in performance and stability of the phone.

This update has also got few bug fixes. It has been said that, this update will provide load relief to RAM of the phone. The core applications of the phone have been updated in this new firmware.

Nokia X6

How to Update Nokia X6?

You can easily update your phone with Nokia Software updater or by OTA method. If you don’t have Nokia Software updater, you can download it from the official website of Nokia.

Whereas the alternative method is OTA method, OTA stand for Over-the-air. If you want to use this method, just dial *#0000# from your phone. A message will appear which will be showing the current version and few other details, then click on the option button and choose “Check for updates”. You phone will connect to the internet and will get updated to the latest firmware version available.

If you face any problem while upgrading your firmware, do let us know. We would be happy to help you guys!


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  1. I don’t find that update for my X6…HELP

  2. how to get update in X6 ? please help…

  3. My device updater always promps no update available. How can i do it?

  4. Dharmil Badami says:

    This firmware is not available on my nokia x6..

    My product code is 0598934..
    I have been waiting since ages now..
    Please help me..

  5. i tried #*0000* method it said “server is not responding”… Tried Ovi suite, NSU same problem your software is up to date..

  6. davors111 says:

    When will be any update for CODE: 0596961, because last version iz v30 and it freeze al the time! I must rester my phone every one a while! Or how can I restore my first version because with it worked fine… I tried to restore factory settings but didnt help??’

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