September 24, 2017

How To Install Angry Birds on HTC HD 7 and Why?


HTC is wide-spreading its foots in Indian mobile market and all the same it’s also quelling other big brands like Samsung, Nokia and LG. HTC is renowned all around the globe for its amazing smartphone manufacturing. It has already produced phones like HTC Wildfire S, HTC Desire HD 2 etc and another one among them was HTC HD 7.

HTC HD 7 is a sizzling phone which has got some amazing features too. But there was a devoid that was flushing the brain of the users of HTC HD 7 and it is the devoid of “Angry Birds”. Angry Birds is the most common game played around the globe on smartphones and it’s obvious that if HTC users won’t get it they will lose too much.


Angry Birds on HTC HD 7

Now, it will other users will no more tease you because I am going to teach you all the way to install Angry Birds on your HTC HD 7. But before the tutorial I would like to tell you that this trick works only on HTC HD 7 being operated in Microsoft Windows Phone 7 not being run by any other OS like Android etc.

The tutorial goes like this –

Step 1 – Close all the running applications on your mobile i.e. HTC HD 7.

Step 2 – Now open the Windows phone marketplace.

Step 3 – In the search box, search for Angry Birds and hit search.

Step 4 – Chose the one you want and purchase it, most probably it will cost you $3. Although if you want to download it free, you can download it from many sites but I don’t think that’s a safe option. So it’s better to pay a bit than losing your whole phone.

Step 5 – As soon as the file gets downloaded run it and install it on your phone. To install the game smoothly you must accept onscreen prompts.

Step 6 – Complete the installation and enjoy playing the game!

Why Angry Birds?

Angry birds is an enigmatic game which has entertained people for a long a time and it’s still continuing to do so. Angry Birds is based on the concept of really fast, simple, and yet addictive. Previously, Angry Birds was available only for smartphones but now as the company has grown really fast, they have also made it available for the PC. PC’s Angry Birds is almost same as to that of smartphone but the only difference is that in a smartphone we use our finger to control the sling but in the PC we do so by the mouse, everything else is same!

Angry bird is “probably” the most played game but even if it isn’t then it must be the most favorite game. Reasons? There are thousands of reasons for this. Angry Birds uses fictitious characters which are wingless birds of different types and they are further used as canon bombs, which are used to destroy the pigs. In the nutshell, Angry Birds rock and all the same it’s also very entertaining.

How much do you love this game? Do share your opinions about this game with us.

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  1. Its one of my favorite game, have completed many levels from my Android phone. Thanks to this post for Windows 7, so now Angry bird is everywhere.

  2. Yea.. :)

    Its everywhere.. 😉

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