May 25, 2017

WordPress Eight Years on – Becoming Strong & Loving Day by Day

WordPress was first released on 27 May, 2003, so it has recently passed its eighth birthday, and a little less than six weeks later version 3.2 of the WordPress software was released. It was also announced this summer that the software powers 50 million sites. What does this great longevity and popularity mean for the software and the community who use it.
Firstly, the new update, 3.2 or Gershwin, named after the famous American composer from the thirties and forties. The first think you’ll notice when you log on is the new dashboard which looks a bit slicker. If you’re one of those people who get easily distracted, the new WordPress aims to help. There is so much to distract us, from immense instant communication possibilities of Instant Messenger and Facebook and other Social Media sites, to the need to visit O2 to see about their smart phone offers or the Olympics site to see if they have any tickets left for 2012 – and the rest of our day-to-day business. The new ‘distraction free’ writing mode with no side buttons or features should be just the ticket.

Technology is moving on – WordPress is no longer supporting IE6 or PHP 4 and MySQL 4. So, if you use these technologies, it’s time to upgrade. The developers have also introduced a new default theme – Twenty Eleven which aims to make Duster, the previous theme, more robust and stable. It also supports ‘responsive layouts’, so it will look great on a phone, iPad or your desktop.

Now Google has released its own social network software, Google +, WordPress developers have responded by making the software compatible. You can now display your profile information in a box on your WordPress blog, a +1 button will allow visitors to promote articles they find interesting, you can even download a few Google themed WordPress themes.

We can now live a completely Google WordPress life. Enjoy.

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