October 18, 2017

How To Choose A Best & Appropriate Smartphone? [Tips]

How many times do you think before choosing the college which will eventually decides your career? 100 times or even more, so why don’t you think the same number of times when you choose a smartphone. Smartphone will also be a part of your life and can also help you even with your studies. Smartphones are getting too common nowadays that even students below 14 years are having 2-3 smartphone which they call their own.

Choose Best Smartphone

Choosing a smartphone isn’t a tough task but if you will lack guidance you will ultimately fall into the pit. In the pit, where you will be alone with “your” smartphone and I don’t think you want that. A smartphone has too many factors which should be considered before buying. Smartphones are also very expensive so it’s always better to spend money in the place where the experts advice you because they will never want you to buy the off track product.

Now, coming back to the tips which will help you while purchasing a smartphone, I would like to tell you here they go –

Operating System

Any mobile phone whether smart or genius needs a OS to run itself. OS of any mobile phone is very important and hence you should choose a phone whose OS is common as it will help you in getting apps in a faster way. You should all the same not forget that the OS should be good because if it won’t be a worthy one then you will some serious problems like, hanging, crashing, data loss or even a frequent blast! OS of any phone acts as the soul and soul should be chosen wisely. The current and the best OS nowadays is Android and if you want to go in directory then its Android v2.2 and above because they are versatile, reliable, and above all they don’t blow off your phone.


Storage capacity of a phone is another main feature or a factor which should be a primary concern of any buyer. Memory of a phone is like the spine. The better you will have the more load you can pick so pick up a phone with a memory as high as possible. Don’t go for a phone which offers you everything but don’t have sufficient memory. Memory stores important data, music, videos etc and you never want to be short of them. Memory is generally of two types, internal which is fixed and external or expandable which can be expanded or reduced by using variety of microSD cards.


You must have heard the word processor before as every computer, 1st generation to 5th generation, has a processor. Processor helps the mobile hardware and software system to work fast and faster working can save a lot of your time and you can use that time to do some other important work. A year ago, mobile phone processor were having 800 MHz as they top clock speed but nowadays this figure is 1.2GHz to even 1.5 GHz and that too much. Laptops have the clock speed of 2.23 GHz, now do you get the idea how fast will be your phone. Mobile processors are further studded with chipsets which even polishes the performance of a processor.


Price of the phone depends upon your budget. If your budget allows you to buy a phone worth $10,000 then you can go for it but if it doesn’t then you can’t. So, budgeting becomes necessary before buying a phone. The normal budget for a smartphone must be above $180 and below $780. You can find tons of phones in this price range. Phones which will have more features will obviously cost you more but I recommend you not to get drowned away by the features.

Rest depends upon you

Everything else depends upon you. If you want your camera to have camera, 3G, 4G etc embedded then it’s your choice as I can’t make you stick to what I think. There are people who want a touch and type phone with Android, but don’t want the camera. There are people who purchase mobiles only for the sake of a camera.

There are people who purchase mobile only for listening to their favorite song. There are people who purchase phone for their business work and so they don’t need beat around the bush things. There are thousands of people with thousands of opinions and each of them has its unique opinion and a “post” can’t change that.

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