September 26, 2017

Top 4 Free Android based Accelerometer Games [Download Links]

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Android has been pretty popular among new devices and has seen immense growth in the past few months due to the hundreds of applications coming up every day.  And taking entertainment as a perspective, nothing gets better when it comes to an android. The best thing I love about android devices is the great collection of games, particularly accelerometer games lets you experience true motion censored gaming.

So, here is a list of the best 4 Android based accelerometer powered games to get you out of the boring hours.


This is one of the greatest time killers you’ll find on the android. A great motion sensor game, where you have to jump up the platforms to rescue your friends from alien abduction.

A highly addictive game, download at your own risk! 😛

The various levels that you can play with in this version of Abduction are:

  • Kids
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Infinite
  • Evil Infite(fun!)

Download Link

Baseball Speed

Baseball Speed
Baseball lover ? Well, now you can practice baseball without leaving your bed.

Baseball speed allows you to measure the velocity of your through just by moving your android device. It gives the throwing speed in both kmph and mph.

Caution : Make sure you hold your device strong enough, or it can get damaged. Don’t try this on tablets.

Download Link

Speedx 3D full & free

Speedx 3D full & free

An amazing 3D racing game controlled by your devices’ accelerometer. The graphics are just great and thus adds to the addictiveness of the game. Test your reflexive skills with this ground breaking 3D motion sensor racing game.

Download Link

i Fishing Lite

i Fishing Lite

With over 10.8 million downloads, iFishing lite is an amazing chart breaker.

It is basically a fishing simulator in which you can test your fishing skills using the accelerometer that comes with your android device.

The free version includes just 2 lakes, but if you find it addictive enough then you can absolutely go for the paid version which includes 15 lakes that means much more fun!

It has been declared as the THE MOST REALISTIC AND IN-DEPTH fishing game for Android, so it is a must play for all the fishermen out there.

The game features:

  • High definition 960×640 graphics
  • Variety of actions can be performed including jigs, topwater, spinnerbait, divers.
  • Realistic fish fights, while the bait has been taken.
  • Trophy room to track your fishing success

Download Link

Well, these were the top 4 accelerometer powered (motion sensor) Android games, that we found pretty interesting while surfing through the Android market.

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