September 24, 2017

5 Best Note Taking Applications for Android [Download Links]

It is good habit to note down the superb ideas which strike your mind, if you note it down you get some more  ideas to implement the idea. Everyday we need to do some tasks while we are going to bed we just think what to do tomorrow and the next day we may forget few tasks from the To-Do list. If you have a habit of creating your daily To-Do list and save it, you get an idea where you are lagging behind the time when you look at it. Here are some top rated note taking applications for android which increases your productivity.


Evernote Android

Evernote is the best note taking web application which is now available for Android. It synchronizes the notes you take like ideas which you have noted, daily to-do lists. With this application you can take the photos, make voice and audio notes and make them organized. Using evernote you can also capture the webpages for reading later, keep finances in order and keeps track of travel plans.

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ColorNote Notepad

ColorNote Notepad Android

This application keeps track of your notes in colors to categorize them and also the notes can be secured with password. The reminders from this application are shown directly on the status bar and sticky notes can be kept on the home screen.

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Note Everything

Note Everything Android

With this application you can create text, voice and paint-notes which are organized in the folders. This application supports widgets on the home screen and there is a recycle bin where you can restore the accidentally deleted notes . There is a barcode integration for this app which scans bar codes.

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Taskos To Do List

Taskos To Do List

Using this application you can synchronize your tasks with Google task sync and can share tasks with your friends through email or SMS. The application supports the voice notes feature where you can take note by speaking.

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Mobisle Notes – To do

Mobisle Notes - To do

This is simple application with different user interface for creating To-do list where you can password your notes and set reminders for them and checklist the completed tasks.

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Note:All the above application are open source application, you don’t need any bucks to pay for them.

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  1. These are very useful Apps- especially android using students.

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