October 17, 2017

Useful Websites (Resources) for Apple iPhone

iPhones are rocking around the world, many people now have a dream to buy an iPhone and fulfilling their dreams by buying them. After buying one iPhone you customize the phone by installing the applications. There are many application on the iPhone app store, you choose the right apps which suits for your needs and buy them.Beyond the applications there are some websites some teach you how to repair your iPhone if it is functioning oddly, some websites teach you how to build iPhone Applications and many more

Check How Your Website Looks in iPhone?

iPhone simulator

iPhone simulator is the web application which is used to test your web iPhone application. When you navigate into the home page of this website you see a sample iPhone which is locked on the screen. Unlock the it by sliding the slider, later type you web address and test how it looks in the iPhone. The developers who develop iPhone web applications can make this website to test their applications. The blog owners can check how their website looks in the iPhone with this web application and can make changes to their site if need any to customize for iPhone.

Select the Best Applications by User Reviews


There are many applications in Android market and in Apple’s iPhone store. Its is a big headache for the user to judge the best one which suits him. Here comes a website to avoid from such situation called ribblet. The users who have used a particular application rate that applications and gives the feedback of the application though comments. This web application is still in beta phase and you need twitter to signup for this application.

There are similar web applications, appexplorer , freshapps and appstorehq for iPhone which explore everything about iPhone applications and their reviews.

Search Everything About iPhone and Android

Mimvi Web application

With Google search engine we render the information of the webpage links for the query. Sometimes Google is not enough for us to fetch the web links of the query we give about iPhone or Android or smartphones. We need a special search engine designed for iPhone or Android. Mimvi is the special search engine designed for the Mobile apps, Mobile content and the Mobile products. Once give a try for it with a query and check the results by giving the same query to your favorite search engine.

How to Develop an iPhone Applications?

ibuildapp website

Even not knowing the code to design the iPhone app, want to design an iPhone application? You can do and it is for free. ibuildapp makes it possible for you. Every thing is free in this website from creating the application to hosting it. This website doesn’t charge any start-up fee and you can completely use this website of no cost. With these web service you can create iPhone applications for your blogs based on the RSS feed.

The similar website like ibuildapp are appbar and appmakr

How to repair your iPhone which lost its functionality?

ifixit iPhone

Because of the bad time on your head you might have need to repair the iPhone which is not functioning well and you don’t have the idea about hardware of the iPhone and you give it to iPhone mechanic who may charge a large bill for the simple problem which you would have fixed if you know that. ifixit tutorials for iPhone repair have a large collection of tutorial which teach you how repair iPhone with ease guide.

There is another website called iPodrepair which gives you the video tutorials of how to repair iPhone and have a web store for the accessories of the iPhone .

If you know any other websites which provides assistance to iPhone in any sort feel free to share with the other readers in the comments section.

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