September 26, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Ace Vs Nokia C7- Android Vs Symbian Smartphone

There are many Smartphones are available in the market, but as of you know, Android is growing huge than Symbian and other Mobile OS. Here is my comparison of Android and Symbian phones : Samsung Galaxy Ace vs Nokia C7.

Samsung galaxy Ace features a 3.5″ screen (320×480 pixels), which is slightly bigger when compared to mid-range Androids. It appears like candy bar shape, weigh about 113 g, simple design. The Ace is powered by a Qualcomm MSM7227 and has 800MHz speed CPU and a full version of Android OS. About connectivity, it features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1, USB 2.0 and GPS navigation system.

NOKIA C7 Vs Samsung Galaxy Ace

It Has a 5 MP camera and LED camera flashlight. You won’t get much of an internal memory with price that you are giving for the phone. The Android App Market has over 270,000 apps, way much more than NOKIA OVI store. Around 20% more standby time than C7, less frequent charging, endures more talk time per battery charge. Judging from weight it’s lighter than C7.

On the other hand Nokia C7 has OLED screens are generally brighter. Given with touch-screen system it also has features like mp3, polyphonic, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0.runs on symbian^3 OS. CPU processes with a speed of 680 MHz. A really good camera (8.1 MP) with high-resolution and dual LED camera flash which in turn gives you better picture and video recording with high details.

C7 comes along with high-resolution (720p-HD) and high PPI (i.e. 209 PPI) features giving you good display of pictures videos and texts. You also get good internal memory of 8.3 GB. It’s thinner, smaller and pocket portable. With its vast internal memory many movies can be stored.

Apparently C7 looks better by all its amazing dimensional and camera features beginning with its impressive design, sturdy build, good display with Gorilla glass protection, 720p video playback and recording, FM transmitter. The disadvantage of C7 is it has sad internet browser.

But for faster processing and speed for all your application and multitasking I recommend galaxy ace. Camera of ace is not as bad as it seems for economical use it’s enough to get a clear picture but camera flash feature is not enough. Unlike C7, ace design is depressing for many.

What is the choice of yours in between these two awesome phones? Which one you prefer to be the winner? Post in the comments field below.

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  1. Today, smart phones are more popular in the web. Thanks a lot for given great support on here :)

  2. Well, in my opinion galaxy axe is much worse than nokia. Ive used both. Now im using galaxy ace and when it comes to music playback quality its much worse than nokia. Gaming experience is also worse on samsung since it has onlu adreno 200 while nokia uses broadcom which is a lot faster. Even angry birds lags on galaxy ace on later levels when on nkkia c7 it runs peefectly smooth. The only thing that nokia c7 is not suitable for internet. The browser on symbian 3 is a disaster. Hopefuly it works better on anna. Unfortunately i didnt have a chance to try it myself. Well i hope my post was a bit helpful.

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