October 19, 2017

Detailed Comparison : Nokia X7-00 Vs Nokia E7 : Smartphone War

Nokia is a Finnish company and also one of the largest mobile producers in India. In India, everyone is crazy about Nokia mobiles and why shouldn’t they,  after all Nokia offers reliability, great deals, cheap prices, nice phones and many more things.

Nokia’s two phones are buzzing around everyone’s ears and they are Nokia X7-00 and Nokia E7. Nokia X7-00 is gaining more popularity in India because of its ad on TV but Nokia E7 isn’t far behind, it’s also a popular phone. Nokia’s both phones are quite similar in everything ranging from features to price so I decided for a head on and here it is.


Nokia X7-00 Vs Nokia E7-00

Operating System

Operating system of any phone is very important but you don’t need to worry about the OS in Nokia phones. OS of Nokia E7 is Symbian^3.0 which is an amazing OS but on the other hand Nokia X7-00 is having Symbian Anna as OS. Symbian Anna is the latest and hence it has got more features than its predecessor.

Winner – Nokia X7-00

Processor and Performance

Processor decides the clock speed of any phone or PC and that’s clock speed which decides the speed of your phone and I don’t think anyone wants to operate a “snail” phone! So speed matters. Nokia X7-00 is having a 680 MHz ARM 11 processor and believe me with this much speed, your phone will never hang!

On the other hand Nokia E7 is powered with a processor of same clock speed and it is 680 MHz ARM 11 processor. Both the processors were same and so are there results.

Winner – Tie

Camera and Photography

How many phones have been rejected by you only because they lacked a camera? 10, or 100, or 1000! Everyone wants a phone with a digital camera studded and so companies are embedding their phones with such powerful cameras which attract many eye balls.

Nokia X7-00 is having a 8 MP camera and all the same it offers you features like fixed focus, dual-LED flash, and many more. On the other side of the wall Nokia E7 is having a everything same i.e. 8 MP camera with features like, fixed focus, dual-LED flash. Nokia E7 is having a secondary camera while Nokia X7-00 is not!

Winner – Nokia E7

Video and Filmography

Nowadays camera’s features are not limited to clicking photos but they are now also used to shoot videos and many other things. Video making is an art and now you can learn it in a cheaper way! Nokia X7-00 allows you to shoot videos of HD quality that is 720p and that too at the speed of 25fps.

On the other hand Nokia E7 allows you to shoot videos of same quality and with same speed but all the same Nokia E7 offers you a feature of video stabilization which only a few phones offer.

Winner – Nokia – E7


Price of Nokia phones is generally low and I have already mentioned this earlier in this post. Nokia phones are really good, they provide you good features at low prices. Price of Nokia X7-00 is somewhere near Rs.22,000 or $490 and the price of Nokia E7 is Rs.24,000 or $535. The price gap isn’t too much and believe me Nokia E7 is worth of money.

Winner – Nokia X7-00

Dreambloggers Verdict

Hardest column! Both the phones belong to the same company i.e. Nokia so there is no doubt about getting low quality phone. Both the phones have great features and are also very good in looks but I think Nokia E7 is better than Nokia X7-00 because of its QWERTY keypad design and its amazing touch screen. Nokia X7-00 is good but not better than Nokia E7.

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  1. Wow, Nokia X7-00 design tempts me a lot. Thanks for this comprehensive comparison!

  2. Welcome dude…

  3. In fact, Nokia offers great deals with low cost on here :) Thank you so much for sharing your valuable content on here :)

  4. the outlook of the nokia phones are bad these days compare as samsung or iPhone or blackberry etc.. See the comparison Samsung Galaxy S with Nokia E7, samsung has good looking.

    Both Nokia E7 and X7 are not good looking phones, people can buy for its operating system , better battery back-up and user friendly menus.

    But other competitve phones also featred with good user friendly menus and operating systems, so Nokia should implement the look of the phone to stand out of the croud again.

  5. great phone the E7. I have had for 2 months now – brilliant in all ways Qwerty keyboard is a real winner. Great 4inch screen – brilliant for free onboard Sat Nav. Well done Nokia!

  6. Thanks for sharing the detailed comparision.. I am looking forward to buy one of these phones.. Your comparision had strengthen my choice of E7 over X7. The only thing I am concerned about now is the OS of E7. Is Nokia really providing OS upgrade for E7 from Symbian^3.0 to Symbian Anna ? Some websites are claming that yes nokia is providing OS upgradation to Symbian Anna and there are many other website which doesn’t take about this. Can you let me know some detail about this. Thanks in advance..!

  7. I’ve having this X7 for about a month now. It hangs alot. moreover it doesnt have a front camera,so its useless for video call..:( and still it has an inbuilt battery, what if i drop it in a water accidentally, switching off wont be enough. Its kinda boring now because even the Nokia Care cant help me with the hanging at this moment. Very Sad.

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