October 18, 2017

Why Android Is Secure? Hard Questions Answered!

Android has already conquered 50% of world’s phone market by being available on almost 1 of the 2 phones. Androids are also very secure but their security has always been questioned. Unlike any other OS which is present nowadays Android has got some special features which makes it far better than other OS’s and as far as the questions about its security are concerned, they will be answered at the end.

The things/features which make Android better and secure than any other OS goes like this –


Android Security


Open Source

Android is an open source OS which means any one can get access to its source code and compiled code. In open source anyone gets access to the source code and re-modify it and make it available to the public. This way everyone contributes a bit to the code and ultimately we are with the best of the best OS. Open source softwares are the product of open source initiative (OSI) of 20th century. Open source OS Android can even protect latest sort of viruses and other malwares if its code is made resistant to them on daily basis.


This feature is quite interesting and plays a vital role in helping Android with security purposes. Applications of Android OS are self running which means they cannot interfere in the way of other applications or in short we can say that one application cannot store data from other applications on your mobile eventually making your mobile phone really safe and sound to use. Another benefit of this feature is that it won’t let your phone hang. This makes Android not only safer but faster too!

Phone Lock

Have you ever seen a phone lock in which one person or we can say the operator needs to enter the code or password in the welcome screen, if he/she will enter a correct password then only he will be permitted in and if he/she won’t be able to make it through then they have to retry and keep doing so until they make it through. This feature is called phone lock but unlike other OS’s phone lock, Android’s phone lock is better, faster and above all really safer to use.

Hackers find it more difficult to enter into an Android phone than a normal OS phone.

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  1. Sorry, but I find the points to be wrong.

    For the first part, Android is far from being an open-source. In fact it’s one of the least open of other open-source OS. They’re only available to OEM’s so the ‘public’ doesn not have access to Android except by rooting it.

    The phone lock point is quite common actually. Symbian has it, iOS has it. Third party apps have it. So what’s so special about this one.

    Finally, I’m not sure if you’ve been checking onarticles from ZDNet, Engadget, Hardforums or any of those, but apparently there’s a lot of malware apps that’s available in the Android app store. Unfortunately this makes your second point worse, not better, for Android.

  2. After reading your review about security of Android, I’m thinking to have one android phone. 😉

  3. Yea.. :)

    You better get one.. :)

  4. I noted three thing about android is the first thing battery issues, heating while speak over in android phones and the security issues. Other than this Android is good OS which is used by large volume (50% market share) of people.

    Android should implement these things, to provide 100% satisfaction to the users.

  5. Yea.. :)

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