September 26, 2017

What is DNS and How to Increase Internet Speed with Open and Google DNS?

Many thousands of people are afflicted with slowing Internet speeds. There are plenty of fixes that people know of to help that by clearing out the Internet’s cache, speeding up your computer, turning off add-ons etc. What many people do not know, however, is that often the slow Internet speed lies in another culprit called DNS. In this guide what, exactly, DNS is will be explained as well as how to exploit that knowledge to get a faster internet.


What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Systems. What it does is transfer a website’s name into an actual IP address. IP addresses are how computers connect and communicate with each other; without an IP address your internet will go nowhere. However, remembering a websites ID number is not too easy for your average person. Consider the popular website Amazon. The IP address for Amazon is Can you imagine typing that in your browsers bar every time you wanted to visit? Thus, a DNS server translates that jumble of numbers into the standard that we all know and love. This, however, can cause a slight problem with Internet speed. Some internet service providers (quite possibly yours) have slow DNS servers, the program which translates the ISP into text, which causes most sites to load slowly. This is where this guide comes in. By changing DNS servers, to either open DNS or Google DNS, you can gain a significant increase in Internet speed.

Open DNS

Open DNS is probably one of the more popular DNS servers out there. It’s quick, easy and, above all, free. It’s not a hassle to switch to it either. Merely go to your router settings and change from “find automatic DNS server” (which is your current slow ISP) and change the address to and What makes Open DNS so much faster is that it keeps a database of commonly visited sites. Thus, if you want to visit Amazon, that address is already in its system and it sends you there near-instantaneously. Open DNS also has a cool feature which corrects common spelling mistakes such as when you actually meant Being so easy to switch, not to mention free, makes it an easy choice.

Google DNS

The way that Google DNS works is by sharing the workload in a nutshell. It ensures that people living in say, Australia, are not connecting to the same DNS server as people in North America. The increases internet speed as millions of users will not be trying to visit the same popular site at the same time through the same server. This speeds things up nicely. Google DNS, much like Open DNS, is also set at the low, low price of absolutely nothing. To switch to Google DNS go into your router/adapter settings and change the IP addresses there to and It’s also important to save the IP addresses you have currently shown, just in case you want to return to that DNS server.

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