September 26, 2017

How To Clear Temporary Internet Files,Cookies and History From An Android Device?

Android is the fastest growing OS in the world and the speed with which its growing is faster than the speed of light! Android is the favorite OS nowadays and everyone want to get one for his/her phone. Android is so much popular and wanted because it is the trending OS and hence supports tons of apps, other reasons are its security, versatility and reliability.

Android is available in versions ranging from Android v2.1 to Android v4.0 but Android v4.0 is still not available on any phone. Android is simply amazing. Now, coming back to the center which is about how to clean temporary internet files I would like to share this simple tutorial which is given below –


Clean Cookies,History and Temprory Files from Android


Disclaimer : I anything goes wrong with your device I am not at all responsible. I recommend you to perform this under the guidance of an expert.


Step 1 – Open the Internet on your device.

Step 2 – Now press the “menu” button and select “more”.

Step 3 – Now go to “settings”.

Step 4 – Now scroll down to “privacy configuration”

Step 5 – After clicking privacy configuration you will get a pop up, just click “OK”.

Step 6 – Voila you are done.

Tip To Take : You can also clear things like cookies and history from the same screen which makes it more easy for an Android user to handle this cleaning task. Clearing cookies, history and temporary files cleans your cache memory and hence allows your phone to work in a faster and more crash proof way.

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