October 18, 2017

How To Import Music From Computer To Android Device (Phone) ?

 Android is owned by Google and Google is known for its easiness, likewise Android is really simple to use but syncing music from computer to an Android phone is not that easy. Android users find it a bit hard to listen to music of their computer on their phone. Android is the largest and the hottest selling OS in the world as of now but the major drawback which it has is its music syncing problem but this problem won’t tease you anymore.

As I am going to share the simple, easy and to the point tutorial about syncing music from one computer to an Android device. The tutorial goes like this –

Android Music

Warning – I anything goes wrong with your device I am not at all responsible. I recommend you to perform this under the guidance of an expert.

Step 1 – Attach the USB cable on your Android device with the computer.

Step 2 – As soon as you will interconnect the Android device and computer you will see a USB icon pop ups, don’t worry, just drag down and tap USB Connected.

Step 3 – Now revert to your computer and go to My Computer>Android Device Name (Windows) or by clicking the drive icon from desktop (Mac).

Step 4 – Now from the computer locate to the music folder of your Android device.

Step 5 – Copy all the songs which you want to sync and then paste it in the music folder of the Android device.

Step 6 – Wait till the music gets fully pasted.

Step 7 – Safely remove the drive from the computer (Windows) or drag the drive icon to trash (Mac).

Step 8 – Now come to Android device and drag the top bar and tap Turn off USB Storage and then Turn Off.

Step 9 – Take the USB cable out.

Step 10 – Voila you are done, listen to music now!

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