October 18, 2017

Naming Scheme of Samsung Galaxy Series Explained

We always wonder how mobile companies set the names of their phone models. Recently I had purchased Samsung Galaxy S II and I was wondering about it name, what it mean by S? While searching about this, I am across this article, which I am going to present in front of you.

If you are the one, who would like to know the logic behind the naming of models in the Galaxy Series, then read on.

As the image is depicting that S phones will keep their top-of-the-line status and will be followed by smartphones presenting R, W, M and Y tags.

Naming Scheme of Samsung Galaxy Series
Here is the meaning of the words (Tags) written above

  • R – It means luxury devices that are “Royal” and “Refined”. E.g. Galaxy S & S II
  • W- It stands for High-tier “Wonder” phones.
  • M- Stands for “Magical” mid-tier devices, which are value for money devices.
  • Y- It means for “Entry-level” phones i.e. for “Young” users.

Whereas the other adjectives given to the phones are “Plus” and “Pro”

Plus is meant for adding more features to the previous version of device like Samsung Galaxy S Plus.

Pro keyword is specially added for QWERTY keypad phones.

What are your views about the naming scheme of Samsung Galaxy Series? Do share your views with us.


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  1. Nice info bro. Even I was wondering what they mean by ACE, S, S II and all :)

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